Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yesterday I made a quick trip back to the cemetery to visit Reece (my grandson). I had found the cutest brightly painted wooden bug. The wings on the bug spun around with the wind. I planned to hang it on the mini banner post I had put there the week before. When I arrived, I noticed the in-ground vase was empty. I had carefully selectd and arranged a bouquet of bright yellow and orange artifical flowers last week and placed them in the vase. Now they were gone! I was shocked because this cemetery is not one that gets much vandalism. Also, the fact that the banners, statues, pinwheels, and toys are still there. Why would someone take the flowers? At first I was furious! So angry I began to cry. This emotional upset caused my heart palpitations, so I had to calm myself down for fear of my heart rate getting stuck at 180 beats/minutes. I scan Babyland (where all the children are buried) and I don't see his flowers anywhere. I then go the Maintenence Building thinking they fell out and are sitting down there waiting to be re-claimed. No luck there. I spoke to one of the workers and he said they have had a bit of trouble with people taking things off the graves. Okay. In my mind (beware here), I'm thinking they take Reece's artificial flowers, but leave the full, unopened bottle of wine that is laying at my dad's grave (don't ask, long story). Anyway, I'm at a loss.

Today I go back with a fresh bouquet of artificial flowers for Reece. I'm through being mad or upset about it. I'm thinking maybe it was someone who couldn't afford flowers for their loved one's grave. They may have seen all the beautiful things I've put at Reece's little place and thought I wouldn't miss the flowers. If that is the case, it's not right and it's downright creepy, but I'm okay with that. Every grave should have flowers or something adorning it. Rememberence. I hope that is what they were used for. I'd hate to think someone just took them home. Nope, not going to go there. I'm sure it was someone who just wanted something for their loved one's little place out there.

See how I stay sane? Not sure it works. I'll keep you posted.


Chris said...

So sorry to hear about this, Sue. I have NEVER understood cemetery vandalism - stealing items, knocking stuff over, etc. What is the state of a person's heart who can do that and live with themselves? I'm like you - I hope the person who took them used them to adorn another grave. But its still not right!

And it doesn't help your grieving process. But continue on with your visits to Reece and keep bringing the items that show your love for him. This will do your heart and mind good!

Mominator said...

I hope it was just someone who couldn't afford those artificial flowers or just some stupid kids who didn't know better because they are stupid kids.

Brenda said...

After driving through a graveyard on my way to work every day, seeing graves without rememberences makes me sad. How wonderful to hear that you find leaving something for your grandson to be important, too.

But for someone to stoop so low as to vandalize a grave? How sad. I'm going with the "stupid kids" explanation. That better not continue.

Eric said...

It could very well be stupid kids. But, we also had this problem with our son's site. Then we ran into a couple who's child's stone was cracked (strangers near our site). It was easy to see that the lawn crew was driving over the stones (in Florida, they lay flat, not stand up -- weird), causing occasional damage.

This stopped almost immediately after the cracked stone incident, leading me to believe that it was a single troublesome employee not paying attention to his/her job.

Unless you can actually see intentional damage, I think you're safe to assume it was lack of consideration, not malicious intent. If that helps.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

AWW Sue!! I'm sorry someone did that to little Reece's grave...but I hope you were right about someone needing them for a grave...although it's still not right.