Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Two posts in one month! Can you believe it? I have not accomplished this in such a long time. I am so proud of myself. Such discipline, I tell you. Who would believe I used to post every single day?

It seems this blog is going to become two things. It will contain photography and family. How can leave my family out of this blog? They are so bizarre. There is ALWAYS something happening.

Which brings me to today's topic. Today we shall focus on family. Surprisingly it is not Drama Queen! We shall save her for a later update. Today it is all about Blondie.

To recap: December, 2007 Blondie graduated from the University of Kansas and abandoned her loving mother for the Windy City and her boyfriend whom she loves very much. She found a good job with a national company within short order. After over a year, she continues to work and live in downtown Chicago with 'the boyfriend' and LOVES it! (too bad for me)

Today: We must find a new name for 'the boyfriend'. He became empowered on February 12th. After they had dinner and quietly in their apartment (Blondie hates a fuss), he got down on one knee and asked "the question". He's always pulling pranks so she thought he was joking until... the box came out of his pocket and he opened it up. He tells us she her mouthed dropped and the first words out of her mouth were "SHUT UP". Yeah, that's my little girl. Always knows what to say at the right time. Of course, she said yes, cried, and gave us a call.

We are all very excited for them. Blondie is so happy. But now 'the boyfriend' is being renamed 'the fiancee' for the next year. The wedding is going to be in Chicago and not in Kansas City, so this is going to be very interesting planning. My connections are all in Kansas City. The next year could bring some very interesting stories as this progresses and we attempt to put on a Chicago wedding on a Kansas City budget.

Pictures posted are of Blondie, 'the fiancee', and a new member of my blog 'maid of honor'. It just grows and grows. This could get out of control people. Be prepared for the roller coaster ride.

One added note: Happy 3rd Birthday to Baby Reece, our little angel in heaven. Many of you remember.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Out!

I deserve it! Although, I have been peeping in on most of you from time to time. Still, it is no excuse for completely falling off the face of the face of the earth for months! There is a good reason. I am officially addicted. Addicted to photography. I can't stop. No matter where I hide my camera, it finds me. No matter how I try to distract my thoughts, it creeps in... 'that would be a cool shot!' I cannot help it. That's not to say I have accomplished it, but the thought is there and I attempt it anyway. Someday, I may have a few more saves than deletes at the computer and that will sweet.

I have been taking classes at an online photography school. The Perfect Picture School of Photography. Can't go wrong with a name like that! I guarantee you, you cannot! As each 4 week or 8 week course ends, I'm searching for another to begin. The classes are for anyone at all. If you are just wanting to take better pics of your fam or want to get there and crawl on the ground, they have a class for you. The instructors are FANTASTIC! Every one of them! They can explain everything to you, even myself and I'm an idiot! They bring it down to the most basic level for you and no one feels stupid. Once again, not even me! (well, sometimes. Then I have to email a certain classmate for diagrams) You submit your shots for the week and the instructors critique what you've done. Scary right? Yep. Good thing the instructors are so kind when they tell you that your shot stinks. They always find something very nice to say about the picture. Sometimes they even tell you that you have a 'perfect picture'! That makes your week!

I just returned from Tampa, Florida where I attended a photography workshop with one of my instructors and a few of my classmates and some new faces. What a blast! I was able to meet them face to face after knowing them virtually all these months and made some terrific new friends. Our instructor, Robert Lafollete was great. He took us all around Tampa to his spots and gave us invaluable tips on shooting. Check out his website and blog. I know you will thoroughly enjoy it even if you are not a photographer. When I get some of my photos edited, I shall put them up here for you to admire ; )

So that's occupied my 'me' time for the past 8 months. It takes time taking pictures with bad shoulders (which are continuing to get better). Dweeb is in another band (Flux) and I have added a song of theirs in the music player for your continued enjoyment. Maybe they will record a Tom Petty song for me soon! There is pic of little Nadia in the slideshow. Squirt turns 2 in March already. She's cute as a button. DQ continues to try to get it together. This may be lifetime pursuit at this rate. But she plods along... step by step... stumbles... and up again. Reece's 3rd birthday is in a week, so we will be taking a cupcake and balloons to the cemetary for him. Blondie and 'the boyfriend' are fab in Chi Town. Lovin' living downtown. She is still employed! She survived the layoffs. Miss her like crazy still, but I'm slowly coming to terms that she will never move back here since he is in the family business there. I will just have to visit Chicago a lot... in the summer.

I don't know how many of you have been checking in on Miranda, but she is ready to welcome her new addition soon! Give her some lovin'!