Saturday, September 11, 2010


     Four years ago, the blogging community got together and each of us took one hero from 9/11 and posted a tribute to them.  I want to share this again today on the 9th anniversary.  We will never forget.

We all remember that fateful day five years ago. You remember where you were and what you were doing when you either watched the frightening events unfold on your television or heard about it from someone else. I remember watching it on television. It had not been that long since we were at the World Trade Center, which is one of the mandatory stops to get our Dippin' Dots fix when we are New York City. We see the scene replayed constantly now with the statistics being retold. 2,996 died that day from terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the passengers and crew on the four airplanes used as missles. These people are not just numbers. They are individuals who had a father, mother, wife, husband, siblings, and children. Until Tuesday, I am giving up this space and my MSN space to honor one such individual.
His name is Stuart Todd Meltzer, known to his family and friends as Stu.
Stu was born October 11, 1968. He grew up in Massachusetts. He was a lively, spirited, and talented child and man. He played baseball, basketball, and football for his high school team. He won the Andrew N. Navoni Award at graduation for leadership, dedication, and superior sportmanship. He played baseball for two years at the University of Michigan. He completed his college studies and graduated from Trinity College in Harvard.
You all remember the team from back East that won the World Series? Yeah, the Red Sox. You know you were rooting for them to win weren't you? We were screaming here in Kansas as they won the World Series. How do you think they pulled that off? Yep, it was one of their biggest fans, Stu. They had an angel in heaven giving them a little help. Stu was a huge Boston Red Sox and New England Patriot fan. He owned season tickets for both teams. He and his brother Larry would go to all the games together. That is until Stu and his wife Lisa had their first son, Jake. After that, Jake was high priority. He was obviously a fabulous dad who put his family first.
Stu has two wonderful brothers who miss him terribly. Ken and Larry have left messages at a couple of the internet memorials up until one year ago. Stu's parents, Zachary and Joyce, live in Centerville. I know they still mourn their son. Soon after 9/11, they were considering moving closer to Stu's wife and sons to help her out. Those are great parents.
It seems everything and everyone Stu touched was gold. So many friends going back to Junior High have left messages re-telling what a loyal and great friend he was. Stu left an indelible mark on everyone he met. He excelled in any job he undertook. He worked in LA for Creative Arts and then back to New York to work for Miramax. Within a few short years, he took a broker job with Cantor-Fitzgerald. Just the week before the Towers were hit, Stu at the young age of 32, had become the West Coast Power Manager at Trade Spark with Cantor-Fitzgerald. This was a very talented man obviously destined for great things.
Stu worked in World Trade Center 1 on the 105th floor. We all know Cantor-Fitzgerald was hurt the most during this attack. Before Tower 1 collapsed, he was able to get one call out. He called his wife. She was not home, but his voice is forever recorded on the voicemail.
RECORDING: "Honey, something terrible is happening. It's very bad up here. I don't think I'm going to make it. Take care of the children."
I have cried many tears researching and reading about Stu and his family. I miss him and I don't even know him! That's just how special this man was to so many, many people.
Stu left behind his beautiful wife Lisa, two sons Jake who is now 8 and Dylan who is now 5. I can picture Jake playing baseball now, just like his dad. Dylan is probably 'in training' to join his brother on the baseball field in a few years. Stu leaves his parents, Zachary and Joyce. He also leaves two brothers with whom he was extremely close, Larry and Kenneth.
I was unable to reach Stu's family before this was written, but I hope I've done him justice. He deserves so much more. I believe Stu is watching over his boys from heaven and always will. He is with his brothers when they miss him so much at all those family outings and sports events.
The Meltzer Family has an angel and warrior in heaven now. He is not here in body, but he is definitely here in spirit. Don't ever forget that.
Last evening, I was watching the program 20/20 which showed the gathering of all the mothers of victims who were pregnant on 9/11/01. These children are now 4 years old. I remember one mother saying that her boy up until a few months ago would tell her that his daddy was in his bedroom. The little boy said when he was in his crib, daddy was standing there watching me and smiling. Children in their innocence see much more than we do as adults.
I would like to believe that Stu is now able to do more in heaven than he could ever accomplish on Earth and he is there watching his sons, smiling.
Cantor Fitzgerald Memorial site has honored all their employees who perished on 9/11 and are accepting donations to help support their families. Please take a moment and visit.

Please be sure to visit as many Tribute Sites as possible. Our friends who also volunteered to do a Tribute to one of the 2,996 victims are:
Sherry Sherry
Annie (my lil sis)
Make sure go by and visit them.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Time Has Come...

The time has come to end this journey. I have begun a new adventure now! That is good news!

You can now find me at SueAblesPhotography

Over the years, I have met and shared my life with so many of you. I have made good friends! It's been a joy being a part of your lives. It's not over though, just moving ahead.

For those of you that I have met and shared life stories over the past four years, you can also find me on Facebook Many of you I have found already and I am so thrilled! Please, come find us!

Continue to follow the adventure through links above! Looking forward to seeing you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What the... where did summer go?

Don't yell at me. Please! It's been a crazy summer! Who knew starting a business was actually work? huh? Pfft. What a lot of busy work! It is fun though!

To get a glimpse of the 2010 Seniors, visit me here. I will be posting family, baby, and kids sessions I have done over the summer soon. The Seniors deserve the stage for now! These girls are awesome! You gotta love 'em.

The image above is the triplets and their bro. They are little people now! Cannot believe they start kindergarten next year. I remember telling all of you when they were born! The gal is their Au Pair from South Africa. She is fabulous! The kids adore her and so do I. After almost two years, she heads back home in November. I am so sad, I may kidnap her and lock her in my closet to keep her here. I know she misses her family and friends, so I suppose it's time. I'm really going to miss her.

Now, for the Blondie update. Sarah is doing great in Chi Town. Working hard and planning her wedding is set for July 24, 2010. I know it sounds far away, but it's not! Wedding dress has already arrived and absolutely beautiful! Cannot post pics for obvious reasons. She wants it to be surprise for everyone. Bridesmaid dresses are a different matter. AHHH!!! She will find the perfect one I'm sure, it's just difficult with bridesmaids all over the country. Save the Dates have been sent for all to plaster on their fridge and prepare to travel. At least it's a big city everyone loves to visit! The church is gorgeous! Old and it actually looks like a church. Amazing in this day and age.

Pat and I have travelled to Indy for the Moto GP races the end of August. What a surprise, I know. It's so sweet having it so close to home now and we do not have to travel to Laguna Seca in Northern California (as much as we love it there) each year.

Pat's music is taking on a life of it's own also. His band is doing well, although economic times have made it very tough for gigs. I still enjoy their music and company each week at practice. He has been playing solo at several venues, which is more acoustic, also.

I'm on Facebook now also! Look me up if you are there also. It's under my name, Sue Ables, so I'm not hard to find. Friend me! Many pics are posted there. So much easier to post images there than on this blog.

DQ is doing well right now. Working very hard. Her daughter Nadia is now 2 1/2! Time is flying by so quickly I can hardly keep up.

Nearly forgot... I have succumbed to Twitter also. So join up and chat with me. Same deal. I'm sueables. I'm so clever I can hardly stand it.

Hope to see you at one of these spots soon! Miss you all and hope all is well with all my blog buddies.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whew! We're Melting!

The Dweeb and I made it back from our wonderful little trip to the Northwest for our 25th wedding anniversary. I'd say it was nice for just to the two of us to get away, but it's always just the two of us now! I still reel with how time slips by so quickly. It was a great rest and slipped across the border to Vancouver to visit a fellow photog. I must admit, you better have answers when you hit the border to Canada now. It was NEVER difficult to get into Canada. Now they seem to want blood from your first born to get in. Why? Seriously. It's CANADA! After an intense grilling, they decided we weren't much of a threat and let us proceed to Vancouver.

The wedding. Ah, the wedding. The dress is being ordered now. We waited a month before we put enough money down for it to be ordered to make SURE it's the ONE. And it is! Mission accomplished. Beautiful dress. Sorry, guys, cannot post. The date has been changed though. There was a bit of a glitch at the church, so it has been moved a month later. So... the big day is July 24, 2010. Wow. It's really, really sinking in now. Banquet hall and church confirmed along with their scheduled appointment with the priest. We'll see if they pass the test! Just kidding.

It's difficult with her so far away. I could not see the church or help get glitches remedied. I have no power in Chicago! But, Sarah has handled everything wonderfully. I will get to see the church in August when we trek to Chicago for my sister's 50th birthday bash and Sarah's 'who cares it's my birthday too' day. All the sisters will be attending. All six of us together for a partay! I just hope there is no video. That could cost me.

It is sweltering here. Heat index hit 106 today and will be worse tomorrow. Humidity is stifling and not a breath of wind around. Hopefully it will break by end of the week. It's too early for this weather! This is August weather! Good reason to stay indoors and watch movies, I guess. Maybe Tom will lend me his Wii to keep me from becoming bored.

Anyway, that is all around here. Nothing much else. Everyone stay cool!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

25 Years and Counting..

This is going up early because the next week is going to be so busy! The Dweeb and I are celebrating! It is our 25th Wedding Anniversary people! WOO HOO!! I have never stuck with anything so long in my life! He must be a pretty good guy, eh?

We are headed to the northwest. We have never been there, so we thought "what the heck, sounds good". Seattle is the destination. Hopefully we will make a day trip to Vancouver to visit my favorite Canuck, Sabrina! I met her a year ago in my photography classes. It was a virtual friendship until this past February when I was in Tampa for the workshop. We finally met in person. I still like her! haha. I'm very excited to get away for a few days with my honey and hopefully get to Canada to see Sabrina and see for myself why SO many photographers live there. I keep telling them they need to take a sabbatical in Kansas City to keep me company for awhile, bu they just laugh... out loud!

No more news regarding the wedding other than the engagement pictures have still NOT been taken due to time constraints when they are in town. Good thing we have a year to get this party in gear! They are busy with so many of their own friends getting married right now, it's difficult to work on their own. We shall attempt to plan more after things die down a bit.

The sistas and I have decided to get Bron, the Au Pair extraordinaire, and her cohorts together one evening soon. We shall bribe them with alcohol and food. Then we will force them to teach us girls who only know the '70s dance (the shifting back and forth from one foot to the other kind of thing. Really lame these days) some new moves. New moves within limits though for the wedding reception. I can see by baby girl horrified at her mom and aunts grinding on the dance floor. Just picturing it in my head is frightening actually. But, we need to get more 'hip'... more 'with it' in preparation for this PARTAY!

I am sad because Bron will not be making the wedding next June. She is very homesick, so will be heading back to South Africa next fall. She has become a member of the family and she is going to missed terribly. The kids will miss her most. The just LOVE her!! But, I can understand why she wants to go, she just has to accept to fact that we will all be giving her sh*t from now until she leaves about it!

If you want to see some of the cutie patooties I have been shooting, check out my other blog at Sue Ables Photography.

Seems I have been shooting more toddlers lately which is good! I've lost a few pounds CHASING them! They like to run. But they are so fun! Upcoming, I have several girls who will be Seniors. These girls will be featured on my website. I'm very excited about these girls because they are up for just about anything in the way of location and ideas. I'm sure they will have ideas of their own, which is fantastic! I love their input.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all and have fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Gonna Cry... A Lot!

Yesterday was the full day of bridal gown shopping. It seems times have changed and you must make an appointment to see and try on any bridal gowns these days. The Maid Of Honor did a fantastic job of scheduling our day!

It began at 8 am when we met up to drop off Russel at my sisters. He wanted to play with his cousins (Mimi, Princess, and Izzy) all day while we were busy. That little dog was so excited! Holy cow! I thought he was going to mow me down running inside/outside, one yard to the next.

Anyway, I digress. We went to several bridal gown shops as Sarah tried on probably five dresses at each place. My niece Lindsay, who is a bridesmaid, met up with us at the second stop when she arrived in town from college. Every dress my little girl put on... it just all became so real. She looked so beautiful. Some dresses were better suited for her than others, but all were so beautiful.

By 3 pm, we were standing in a parking lot. We had an hour until the last appointment. Sarah just looked at me. "Mom, I know which dress it is. Why bother?" I knew which dress it was also. It was the fourth dress she tried on AT THE FIRST STOP! Of course. It's always one of the first ones you try that you fall in love with. Lindsay had not seen this dress, since she was late arriving, so we trekked back to the first place. They were great. They allowed Sarah to try that dress again.

She walked out of the dressing room and the floodgates opened. That was it. I knew that was the dress. She was stunning. Lindsay and Monica both agreed that was the dress. Well, at the point, Sarah didn't want to take it off. She wanted to dance around in it. Fine with me.

I'm watching my little girl in this beautiful dress and imagining her wedding day... in the church. Her dad is going to cry like a baby (in 25 years I have seen him cry TWICE!). Hubby to be is going to see her walk down the aisle and he is going to go weak at the knees and HE will probably cry, but try not to show it. Then all bets all are off. I will lose it. I must prepare. I must get the tear ducts disciplined. Crap. My baby girl is really getting married.

I wish I could show you the dress, but.... lots of eyes out there in the internet world, but it was bought at The Gown Gallery in Kansas City Missouri.

Next up will be the bridesmaid dresses. We did not have such good luck yesterday with that, but I will keep you posted. Since I cannot show you the dress, I will show you Russel Wallice, my granddog. (some consolation, eh?)