Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today I've spent the afternoon investigating my new home here further. Once again, MSN spaces is completely unavailable, so I unable to blog walk over there.

It is a tad frustrating for me as this is learning a foreign language for me. I have stumbled and fallen with some pretty big boo-boos. Band-Aids are great... right? It's getting there. I'm trying.

It's Dweeb's day off, but he has a 'gig' on Saturday night so he is busy filling the homestead with all the songs he and 'the surgeon' are going to play. Practice. Practice. Practice. He sounds really good. Be prepared for pictures of the Dweeb in action. The good thing about LOTS of band practice is he doesn't give me "the look" when he sees my head buried in this contraption for hours. It all works out in the end. Right?

I best get back to my own practicing here. If you come here and see some major screw ups, just laugh at me, make a comment insulting me for a good laugh (I'll be laughing right along with you), and I'm sure I'll figure out what I did wrong and fix it. If nothing else, this has given me a good chuckle at what I've created on a few attempts.


Chris said...

You're doing great here. I almost chose this template, but went for a plain one for now. May do some serious modifications w/ HTML if I get ambitious! Its probably the coolest, most frustrating thing about this site. But I think you'll get the hang of it after a while. You mentioned you had a question. Go ahead and email me at the address on my MSN Site (it's ssminnow7 at gmail dot com). I try to check it every day, but sometimes its every other - depending on what's going on around here.

Tell Dweeb "good luck" on Saturday. Ask him to do a Pete Townsend windmill for me, will ya? And pictures please!

PaulRyan said...

In the spirit of blogging, I won't laugh at your screwups. It is a learning process, and kudos to you... keep on blogging.

brenda said...

I would never laugh or make fun of anyone who attempts to use technology. You go girl!