Thursday, August 10, 2006

World Trade Center - the movie

Dweeb, Blondie, and I decided last evening at the last minute to see the movie "World Trade Center" that was released yesterday. I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it. Not because of the subject matter, but because it was being made by Oliver Stone. He seems to take liberties with his movies I'm not fond of. Anyway, we are giving Oliver the benefit of the doubt considering what it is about and head to the theater.

The movie was very good in my view. I don't believe he took any liberties with the subject matter. You can nick pick at little stuff, but take it as a whole and he has a very touching and moving movie. A story many people have not really heard before. And it's subject matter we need to be reminded of from time to time. I would recommend it.

I've mentioned several times over the past months my yearning to get back to NYC. This movie just made my itch worse. I'm not a 'big city' girl. Born and raised in the Midwest and that is where I'm comfortable, but there is something about that particular city that is mesmerizing. With the news this morning regarding more terroist plots thwarted, well, I think I can wait to scratch my itch.

When we go to New York City, it is only for about four days at a time. There is one particular hotel we stay in which is a couple of blocks from Times Square. No renting cars here. Everything is on foot, taxi, or subway. There are certain things we always do on each trip.
  • At least one Broadway show. If we can get tickets, we go to two. This is non negotiable.
  • We walk to the Village to see what's happening
  • Stroll through parts of Central Park and visit Strawberry Fields
  • Walk from Times Square, across the Brooklyn Bridge, over to Brooklyn Heights where Dweeb lived as an intern. At the end of his street is the Promenade that looks out over the river to Manhattan and the World Trade Center.
  • Little Italy for lunch at least once!
  • Find a new little neighborhood to explore (last visit was Soho which isn't little really)
  • People watch (keeping my eye out for Naked Cowboy again).
Before 9/11, the World Trade Center was on the above list as a must. In the center plaza of the buildings were benches where we would lay, looking up at the incredible structures. A trip to the World Trade Center also included a trip to the very top for Dippin' Dots. That was the lure. Dippin' Dots. Now it is a hole in the ground. A very big hole. All the hustle, bustle. NYC is NEVER quiet. Until 9/11. Now in lower Manhattan as you get closer to Battery Park and WTC it becomes very quiet. It used to be very silent, but activity has resurged a bit there. The church across the street from WTC holds memorabilia and has become a mini museum of information. It's quite beautiful.

I miss sitting on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, strolling through Battery Park or Central Park, the bustle of Times Square, the food in Little Italy, the Broadway shows, the people watching, smelling the smells, chatting with the cops on the corners...

There is no place like New York City.


Amber said...

I would LOVE to do NYC with the Hubs. There is an electric energy about it that is undeniable.
You are one of many who has recommended that movie. Though I must say emotions must still run a bit raw....

Katy said...

Hey Sue! I have been trying out a lot of different blog spots since msn is not working for me AT ALL--and when it does work it's so slow i want to die.

Typepad is a pay site, but that means no ads, and they are actually TRYING to make you happy as opposed to MSN. I'm trying out a thirty-day free trial, but i may end up going with a free site in the end. I like the look of this blogger site.

I'd invite anyone who wants to come by, but MSN will barely let me leave a comment.


Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I really want to see this movie, too, but also had some reservations about Oliver Stone's involvement. I'm glad to hear that it's not his typical work. I'm hoping to sneak off this weekend to see it. Hubby isn't interested in it at all. I'd also love to go to New York for a few days. Being a Midwest girl myself, I think I could stand such a big city for only a few days.

BTW - Love the new site. I promise to keep checking both sites to keep up with you. I hope MSN gets their act together soon or it's going to be very lonely over there.

Sarah said...

I can't even imagine what NYC would be like. I think I'd like to go there, but with someone that has been there and knows what to do and where to go. I get really overwhelmed with things sometimes. It does sound amazing, though.

Eric said...

I didn't see ChinaTown on your list. It's very close to Little Italy (just down Canal Street).

I love the city (as we called it -- we NY'ers seem to think there's only one). And a car just messes the place up. The subways are pretty good so long as you don't venture into an empty car on an unknown line. Crowds are a good thing. :)

I wonder what's up with the Freedom Tower these days. We saw the Lego version at Legoland California.

Love the new site!