Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

25 Years and Counting..

This is going up early because the next week is going to be so busy! The Dweeb and I are celebrating! It is our 25th Wedding Anniversary people! WOO HOO!! I have never stuck with anything so long in my life! He must be a pretty good guy, eh?

We are headed to the northwest. We have never been there, so we thought "what the heck, sounds good". Seattle is the destination. Hopefully we will make a day trip to Vancouver to visit my favorite Canuck, Sabrina! I met her a year ago in my photography classes. It was a virtual friendship until this past February when I was in Tampa for the workshop. We finally met in person. I still like her! haha. I'm very excited to get away for a few days with my honey and hopefully get to Canada to see Sabrina and see for myself why SO many photographers live there. I keep telling them they need to take a sabbatical in Kansas City to keep me company for awhile, bu they just laugh... out loud!

No more news regarding the wedding other than the engagement pictures have still NOT been taken due to time constraints when they are in town. Good thing we have a year to get this party in gear! They are busy with so many of their own friends getting married right now, it's difficult to work on their own. We shall attempt to plan more after things die down a bit.

The sistas and I have decided to get Bron, the Au Pair extraordinaire, and her cohorts together one evening soon. We shall bribe them with alcohol and food. Then we will force them to teach us girls who only know the '70s dance (the shifting back and forth from one foot to the other kind of thing. Really lame these days) some new moves. New moves within limits though for the wedding reception. I can see by baby girl horrified at her mom and aunts grinding on the dance floor. Just picturing it in my head is frightening actually. But, we need to get more 'hip'... more 'with it' in preparation for this PARTAY!

I am sad because Bron will not be making the wedding next June. She is very homesick, so will be heading back to South Africa next fall. She has become a member of the family and she is going to missed terribly. The kids will miss her most. The just LOVE her!! But, I can understand why she wants to go, she just has to accept to fact that we will all be giving her sh*t from now until she leaves about it!

If you want to see some of the cutie patooties I have been shooting, check out my other blog at Sue Ables Photography.

Seems I have been shooting more toddlers lately which is good! I've lost a few pounds CHASING them! They like to run. But they are so fun! Upcoming, I have several girls who will be Seniors. These girls will be featured on my website. I'm very excited about these girls because they are up for just about anything in the way of location and ideas. I'm sure they will have ideas of their own, which is fantastic! I love their input.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all and have fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Gonna Cry... A Lot!

Yesterday was the full day of bridal gown shopping. It seems times have changed and you must make an appointment to see and try on any bridal gowns these days. The Maid Of Honor did a fantastic job of scheduling our day!

It began at 8 am when we met up to drop off Russel at my sisters. He wanted to play with his cousins (Mimi, Princess, and Izzy) all day while we were busy. That little dog was so excited! Holy cow! I thought he was going to mow me down running inside/outside, one yard to the next.

Anyway, I digress. We went to several bridal gown shops as Sarah tried on probably five dresses at each place. My niece Lindsay, who is a bridesmaid, met up with us at the second stop when she arrived in town from college. Every dress my little girl put on... it just all became so real. She looked so beautiful. Some dresses were better suited for her than others, but all were so beautiful.

By 3 pm, we were standing in a parking lot. We had an hour until the last appointment. Sarah just looked at me. "Mom, I know which dress it is. Why bother?" I knew which dress it was also. It was the fourth dress she tried on AT THE FIRST STOP! Of course. It's always one of the first ones you try that you fall in love with. Lindsay had not seen this dress, since she was late arriving, so we trekked back to the first place. They were great. They allowed Sarah to try that dress again.

She walked out of the dressing room and the floodgates opened. That was it. I knew that was the dress. She was stunning. Lindsay and Monica both agreed that was the dress. Well, at the point, Sarah didn't want to take it off. She wanted to dance around in it. Fine with me.

I'm watching my little girl in this beautiful dress and imagining her wedding day... in the church. Her dad is going to cry like a baby (in 25 years I have seen him cry TWICE!). Hubby to be is going to see her walk down the aisle and he is going to go weak at the knees and HE will probably cry, but try not to show it. Then all bets all are off. I will lose it. I must prepare. I must get the tear ducts disciplined. Crap. My baby girl is really getting married.

I wish I could show you the dress, but.... lots of eyes out there in the internet world, but it was bought at The Gown Gallery in Kansas City Missouri.

Next up will be the bridesmaid dresses. We did not have such good luck yesterday with that, but I will keep you posted. Since I cannot show you the dress, I will show you Russel Wallice, my granddog. (some consolation, eh?)