Thursday, September 10, 2009

What the... where did summer go?

Don't yell at me. Please! It's been a crazy summer! Who knew starting a business was actually work? huh? Pfft. What a lot of busy work! It is fun though!

To get a glimpse of the 2010 Seniors, visit me here. I will be posting family, baby, and kids sessions I have done over the summer soon. The Seniors deserve the stage for now! These girls are awesome! You gotta love 'em.

The image above is the triplets and their bro. They are little people now! Cannot believe they start kindergarten next year. I remember telling all of you when they were born! The gal is their Au Pair from South Africa. She is fabulous! The kids adore her and so do I. After almost two years, she heads back home in November. I am so sad, I may kidnap her and lock her in my closet to keep her here. I know she misses her family and friends, so I suppose it's time. I'm really going to miss her.

Now, for the Blondie update. Sarah is doing great in Chi Town. Working hard and planning her wedding is set for July 24, 2010. I know it sounds far away, but it's not! Wedding dress has already arrived and absolutely beautiful! Cannot post pics for obvious reasons. She wants it to be surprise for everyone. Bridesmaid dresses are a different matter. AHHH!!! She will find the perfect one I'm sure, it's just difficult with bridesmaids all over the country. Save the Dates have been sent for all to plaster on their fridge and prepare to travel. At least it's a big city everyone loves to visit! The church is gorgeous! Old and it actually looks like a church. Amazing in this day and age.

Pat and I have travelled to Indy for the Moto GP races the end of August. What a surprise, I know. It's so sweet having it so close to home now and we do not have to travel to Laguna Seca in Northern California (as much as we love it there) each year.

Pat's music is taking on a life of it's own also. His band is doing well, although economic times have made it very tough for gigs. I still enjoy their music and company each week at practice. He has been playing solo at several venues, which is more acoustic, also.

I'm on Facebook now also! Look me up if you are there also. It's under my name, Sue Ables, so I'm not hard to find. Friend me! Many pics are posted there. So much easier to post images there than on this blog.

DQ is doing well right now. Working very hard. Her daughter Nadia is now 2 1/2! Time is flying by so quickly I can hardly keep up.

Nearly forgot... I have succumbed to Twitter also. So join up and chat with me. Same deal. I'm sueables. I'm so clever I can hardly stand it.

Hope to see you at one of these spots soon! Miss you all and hope all is well with all my blog buddies.