Monday, August 07, 2006

WWF in My Own Backyard

Baby sis phoned with that sound in her voice. That plea of help. In the background, I could hear THEM. The screeching, crying, yelling was a migraine in action. I don't want Baby Sis jumping out her second story window, so I jumped in the car and ran over there.

Boy... she was not exaggerating. Combination of heat, age, and irritability has lead this home to the edge. There are not many places you can go with 17 month old triplets and a 3 year old in tow. The destruction is severe and it's just plain exhausting trying to corral them. They are stuck at home a big part of the time with us adults trying to get creative as to where we can take this brood without causing havoc. Today it was indoors at home. The triplets were raging. The 3 year old is just plain sick of them. I don't blame him. They get into his things, they always require attention, and he just plain doesn't like that much.

I was only there for two hours today and I must say I was ready for a long nap when I got home. At one point, Baby Sis has 3 year old in the bathroom (potty training) and I was prying the two girls apart. The Artiste has gained much ground on the Dictator as of late. She can grab, bite, pinch, pull hair, and push as well as the Dictator now. So the girls were at it over the rocking chair. They both wanted to sit in it. They are clawing at each other and pulling each other out of the chair and I'm trying to get them both out of the chair and away from it. They are both very close to 'time out' when I look behind me. Lo and Behold Bubba decided he needed a bit of cleaning up. He is sitting on the end table with lamp knocked over. He had pulled every baby wipe out of the warmer and was washing up as he sat there precariously near the edge. So now what do you do? Keep the girls from scarring each others faces or save Bubba from falling from the table.

The entire two hours went on like this non stop. Poor Baby Sis. Word on the street is Supernanny is in our town this week and she filled out the application to get her to her home. I laughed when she told me this. I think she is doing everything fine. She just needs to remember instead of one kid at 17 months, there are three. So she just needs to accept the fact she will be in hell for a couple of more years.


deannie said...

omigosh, no wonder you can't IM for long! Hey, I really REALLY appreciated the time you spent with me yesterday, meant the world!

Many Hugs,

Chris said...

Can't get my head around 3 under 2, let alone 4 of 'em 3 and under! Glad you could be there to tag-team the bosses with your sister. They'd surely get the better of me!

Great picture, too, Sue! Definitely one for the scrapbook!

brenda said...

OMG do I feel for Baby Sis. This is all why we stopped at 2 kids! (Mind you, ours are less than 2 years apart which speaks for itself.) She's so blessed to have you nearby, Sue. SO blessed.

Now about this new blog: I LOVE IT!!! ('Scuze me as I gush.) This totally rocks. The color, the look & feel, everything!

Now we have something else in common: 2 blogs. I just don't know how to leave MSN completely, do you? But it sure is nice to be able to blog without "Big Brother" making changes. Gotta love that. :)