Thursday, November 16, 2006

Humble Pie

Sorry people, this is a gal with issues right now. One issue is a basketball team which has been humbled early in the season. Don't be fooled. Oral Roberts University is not a 'no name' team. Eddie Sutton's son coaches this team and they are darn good with two players who could easily be a starter for Jayhawks or Longhorns. Our boys are young hot shot All Americans and probably needed a helping of Humble Pie before we meet Florida over Thanksgiving weekend.

No snickering over there Caffeinated Librarian... I heard how close your game with Winthrop was last night. Many 'experts' are predicting our teams to meet in March Madness.

North Carolina vs Kansas

Wouldn't that be so sweet!

One more thing: Drama Queen really needs a quick prayer from each of you for her baby girl. I am not able to explain more, because I don't have enough facts yet, but I DO know prayers are needed. Thanks all you WONDERFUL people!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Month Is It???

Holy Cow! Did I miss the month of October?? I think I did. It's nice to know I was missed. Got your distress call Miranda *wink*. This was not done done on purpose by any stretch of the imagination. I refuse to be Debbie Downer constantly! Sheesh! I could of course and make you all realize your lives REALLY aren't that bad, but I'm not. Who wants to know that? We all love to wallow a bit, right? I know I love to! HA! LOVE IT! Then I feel much better and cleansed when I pick myself up and move on.

Actually, it's been a bit more life changing than that this past month, but more later on that. More important things are going on right now. GYMBOREE PEOPLE!!! PRIORITIES PLEASE! I would have loved to have taken a few of my precious moments I had to try to compose a quick note to you all, but hey.... I had to go to GYMBOREE!!! What a bit of a zoo that place is. It's more of a free-for-all for the toddlers. A place for kids to run around and throw things in climates that suck and they can't play outside basically. I hopefully will get some pictures soon *wink*.

I would have posted a few days ago, but I was trying to start getting around to everyone because I have not been able to. My issues have been regarding health and spirit, but to say they are on the mend does not do it justice. I feel as if it is a rebirth of sorts. I do hope it is and not just a flash or a tease. It something that only time will tell. So please understand that I do not wish to jinx it now by talking about it. I'm still sorting it out in my head myself. But I do definitely have more energy in the last couple of days.

Now..... JAYHAWKS RULE BABY!!!!!!!!!!! All right Caffeinated Librarian, it's on girl. I know you and Roy are ranked #2, but that won't be for long.... WE ROCK BABY! We are on your tail girl! We did have to kick CJ Giles off the team for being a freakin' moron, but no loss, we have Slim Shady baby. It looks like this year is going to be FUN! Sherry, Jayhawks are playing Florida Nov. 25 on ESPN2 in the Vegas Tourney if you happen to catch it. (I know how you are).

So in summation, I apologize for disappearing, but it was for a good reason. DQ is doing good in Arkansas, Blondie is awesome self in Jayhawk Country, Dweeb is having band practice in the other room, and right this very moment, life is good.