Monday, June 16, 2008

What In The World?

Living in the Land of Oz this year, I've been waiting for a tornado to drop out of the sky and swoop us away. So far, so good. Although the sirens have had quite a work out this spring! We are just very, very soggy at this time.

The past few months have been interesting... to me anyway. The empty nest 'thing' is pretty sweet! We can come and go when we want with no 'Mom!' from the distance. Well, it is from a distance. It is from Chicago. Blondie and Boyfriend are doing great in Chi Town and lovin' living downtown. Too expensive though on their salaries! Blondie did find a job in her field (finance) which is VERY GOOD NEWS!!! In fact, she and Boyfriend are coming in town this weekend to see us! I'M SO EXCITED I MIGHT WET MY PANTS! I miss her sooooo much!

The arms are better! I can type and photograph (taking workshops and out all the time). No handstands yet. Although, for the past two weeks I can do my own hair for the first time in a year!!! Dweeb is very excited, but I must say he can always fall back on hair styling if the doctor thing doesn't work out.

I don't get to 'play' with the triplets as much right now. Baby sis got a job with Little sis and they brought in an Au Pair from South Africa. She is really great and takes the kids everywhere! Just need to get used to her 'lingo'. Much of the time I'm asking "What does that mean?"

Dweeb is doing fab. The band is going to be renamed soon and they are better than ever. He is also in ANOTHER band named 'Abigail Murphy'. Obviously, the lead singer is Abigail and she writes her own music. Another direction with this band, but so fun.

Keeping SO busy with everything and hopefully will get back into the blogging on a more regular basis. Must bore you all with the pictures.

Catholic Mom, I hope you haven't floated away! It's a mess up there where you are! Worse than here. The worst of the weather has stayed just west of us.

OH YEAH! How 'bout those JAYHAWKS people!! I know you were thinking of me when they kicked a** in March! What a blast! I was so busy celebrating and dancing jigs, I failed to blog. Blondie and Boyfriend were in town for the big North Carolina game (kicking a** again!!!). Lawrence was insane! Sad part, our team is basically going to the NBA in a week or so. It was sweet winning with Danny Manning as assistant coach since he was the reason we won it 20 years ago.

ROCK-CHALK! I'll be back soon. I've added a slide show to give a taste of where I am all the time. I really need to blog more so I'm not always updating. Sheesh! how boring.

Miss all of you!