Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Did Everyone Go??

I look around this home of ours and it seems so empty. It certainly is NOT easy becoming empty nesters. Where did everyone go all of a sudden? Seems like just yesterday the girls were running around the house on the hardwood floors in their tap shoes and jumping on the couches pretending to be Olympic gymnasts. 'sigh'

It's freezing here which traps me in the house with these damn shoulders. The right shoulder is doing great now, but the left is now frozen. The cold weather makes them more painful, so I am cleaning out 17 years of junk in this place. Our poor garbage guy. I know he dreads coming down the street every Thursday wondering just how huge the pile of bags will be this week!

Blondie loves Chi Town. She would love it more if she found employment. I'm sure she will soon. She doesn't 'do' poor well.

As some of you know, DQ has been removed from our family now. She made her choice and after 14 years I am tired. I can't take anymore... this family cannot take anymore. I hope she makes it, but it will have to be on her own.

I guess after 24 years it is now time for Dweeb and I to start enjoying ourselves. It has never been just the two of us. Excuse me... I have to go play.