Monday, January 29, 2007


It only took me over twenty years to get him to actually take some time and do this, but we accomplished it yesterday. We got four songs on track. It's not perfect, as we are still learning the equipment and we have to pace this so Dweeb doesn't throw the track recorder off the deck in frustration. But I have four songs loaded up and ready to share. The first is Billy Joel and I'm missing New York lately (probably more vacation than anything else), so he is loaded first. This is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge (for those who don't know). We cross it at least once on foot every trip headed to Brooklyn Heights from Manhattan.

Dweeb is going to also start playing around town a bit on his own. He also made this CD of sample songs because a place on the Plaza wants to hear him as they get ready to book for summer outdoor entertainment. Not bad for a guy who taught himself everything. He had two guitar lessons as a kid. Things are moving pretty fast all of a sudden and I hope he doesn't stress himself out. The band will probably have 2-3 events a month by then (hopefully not more). Oh yeah, he does have his JOB! Can't forget that for awhile.

Anyway, the recording is not perfect, done in a couple of hours, but you get the idea. I hope you enjoy it. I will change the song in a couple of days.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We Weren't Lyin'

He finally did it. Dweeb finally knows he is a great musician. The girls (Blondie, DQ, and myself) have been telling him for years he is great, but he didn't believe it. I believe I mentioned he is now in a band. They have been practicing up a storm... at our house. Good thing I love music. They really sound very good. Dweeb plays keyboards, little guitar, sax, flute, vocals. The demo has been made and this week we began shuffling around to the local establishments promoting. I know once people hear them, they will catch on locally and they will have more gigs than they can handle.

It's now time to expand that damn song list. You know what I'm talking about. THE bar list. The same old songs you hear everytime you go out to a bar with live music with a cover band. If I hear Mustang Sally, Walking On Sunshine, Johnny Be Good, etc one more time, I'll scream! Let's get some good rock-n-roll out there that people want to hear!

Dweeb is downstairs now. He is going to teach the band some Jethro Tull, Traffic, Pink Floyd, etc. Then they will stand apart from the average cover band.

Now, how was Dweeb finally convinced he is so good at piano and guitar and vocals? He tried out for another band. He had no intention of joining this other band. The other band had recorded. Recorded original music in Nashville and been on a little mini tour and was known regionally. Dweeb wanted to know if he was good enough to make this band. If they liked him, he knew he was a good musician. Well, of course they liked him. They LOVED him! They wanted him to come back. They got all excited. And he had to refuse them. Us girls shook our heads at him. He just had this big grin on his face. He now knows weren't lying.
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Update On Drama Queen

So much has happened since I last gave an official update on my oldest daughter who is due to give birth this spring to a baby girl. DQ is doing well and looking well. We have been on quite the roller coaster ride the last couple of months. She moved to a maternity home in another state to remove herself from her triggers and try to put her life together. She decided she was going to place her daughter for adoption. She wants the very best for her child. DQ was told before she moved to this state that if she chose adoption, the father's signature on the paperwork is not necessary. We knew he would fight it, because in his mind you keep your children whether you are fit to raise them or not (and we know what happened when he had custody of my grandson). So this was good news for my daughter.

In November, DQ was told a blood test indicated the baby most likely had a chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 18. This is fatal over 90% within the first year of life. We were devastated. So the wait began for the amniocentesis and results from that test which are more accurate and could tell us for sure whether the baby had this disorder. We were told the baby had only a 4% chance to NOT have this disorder. Well, after waiting over two weeks and making it through Christmas, we finally called the clinic to discover the test was negative. Supposedly everything is fine. We are hesitantly relieved. Not totally convinced and scared to death they will retract their findings at any time.

We are now into January and the due date is creeping up. DQ chose a young couple that she pretty much fell in love with to adopt her baby. The next step would be for her to actually meet them, etc. She informed the director of her choice only to be told that that folder was put in the stack by mistake and that the couple had not completed the process yet. They would not be ready by birth to adopt. (too many hoops and redtape to jump through). DQ was devastated again! There were supposedly only about 9 couples who wanted a bi-racial baby and the others she was not happy with at all for various reasons (remember, we know what we are doing in this area). I couldn't believe there were only 9 couples. I know of three in my own neighborhood who want to adopt that little girl now, but they can't because DQ would lose her support system in the other state. We had this problem with another agency years ago and since then when adoption was involved in any manner with any person we knew, it was private. No agencies. Anyway... this whole paragraph is a moot point due to the fact their lawyer had to be fired for LYING! The father DOES have to sign papers for adoption!

So... DQ is in a situation where she must grow up, stay straight, and raise her daughter. She was so upset and so frightened at first. So much has been thrown at her in the last two and a half months her head is spinning. She has stayed strong. I'm very proud of her. I'm afraid I would have gone ballistic on someone at this point. Everything is working out the way it is supposed to be. Here it is in nutshell ... at least today.

DQ will deliver in the spring. The maternity home has a home for her and the baby to live in on/near the compound where she lives now. Hopefully, she will work there while she continues school and gets her degree. There is a couple who are giving her every baby item she could possibly need because they have just found out they cannot have children. How generous is that? How difficult for them. DQ will return the items or we will store them because I have a feeling God will bless them with a child from somewhere after their generosity.

My daughter is receiving so much help, friendship, support, and love from the people she has met in Arkansas. She has even met one of Dweeb's cousins he didn't know he had! How about that! It is truly a blessing she found this support system. I miss her and am looking forward to driving down there to see her.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Meet little Rusty! My new grandpuppy. Blondie is the proud mommy of this critter. We searched high and low for this adorable little bundle of fur and found him patiently waiting in the corner of a little cage of a pet store a week ago.

Blondie has wanted a 'little' dog for about four years now and I've pretty much poo-pooed the idea knowing how the first years of college are spent. She was still adamant about wanting her pooch this year. She is a senior and will be attacking the corporate world within the year, so I relented and agreed it was time.

The search intensified a week and a half ago. We drove from pet store to pet store. We called breeders in the newspapers. We looked at dog, after dog, after dog. Some were absolutely adorable! But they were just not the right one. Some were just plain psycho with their front paws spinning 100mph and their heads turning 360 degrees as they yipped while holding them. Those poor puppies are probably still in the cages waiting to be taken home somewhere. They were crazy! In the midst of the crazies, there was little Rusty just laying there. He was looking at them like they were crazy. They didn't seem to bother him at all. He just layed there. That looked like our kind of dog. Great temperament so far! Blondie picked him up and immediately called him "Rusty".

Well, Rusty didn't come home with us immediately. We had to search the rest of the day to make sure. No other dog during the search on any day was named while being held except this one. That pretty much told us that Rusty was ours. We made the call to the pet store and said we were on our way back. Good thing! Someone else nearly bought him! NO WAY! RUSTY IS OURS!

Now, about that pet store. You all know Blondie and her taste in designer apparel. She succeeded in finding a pet store just for Rusty with designer apparel! Land of Paws is the most awesome pet store I've ever seen in my life. They only have dogs. They only cater to dogs. IT DOESN'T SMELL! They have a doggie bakery. They sell KU JAYHAWK gear (huge plus). Rusty already has an argyle sweater and KU Jersey. For spring he will wear his black muscle tee that touts BITCHES (Picture of a heart) ME because, as Blondie and her friends say, Rusty is a Bad Ass. This pet store even has Juicy Couture dog beds. I've never seen anything like this place. Miranda, I know you can appreciate this place.

Blondie and Rusty will be in town in the next couple of days so I plan on treating Rusty to a 'treat' at the Doggie Bakery. I know.... I'm a sucker.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fair Humiliation

Okay Chris, you were correct that I did not post a fair picture. This is the picture my sister was speaking of in the comments. Anyone else use such an ancient hair dryer in their life time?? Enjoy, because you may never see such a photo again. I apologize for frightening anyone on a Monday like this.

I'm glad you are all enjoying this spectacle. It is also very clear now why I dislike my mother and I did not date until I left home. Torture I tell you! *cue the violins please....*
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Monday, January 08, 2007

To Be Fair

Lil Sis has a point. I should be fair and post a picture of me when I was little. I searched around and finally found one that didn't show me in a perfect light. Just look at those bangs! Mom should never have been allowed to own a pair of scissors. Pretty cute huh? I'm wondering why my hair didn't stay that red past the age of 45.

Okay sis, there you go. Picture posted.
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm still laughing...

No particular reason for posting this picture. Just came across this picture again of Lil Sis and Baby Sis and I can't stop laughing. What dorks. I just love them to death. Aren't those boots just to die for????
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Out with the old, In with the new...

The year 2006 is history now. Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to be over. Last year was such a year of sadness, change, confusion, and soul searching for me I became exhausted! I am ready to start over now. How about you?

I feel great things are in store for 2007. I get the distinct impression I am not the only one who went through so much crap in 2006. I know a few of you out there went through periods of time you began to question your own sanity also.

Family issues were big this past year in my life. I finally gave up. I can't make everyone happy including my mother. She is the way she is. I can't change the way she behaves. I refuse to fall prey to her crap anymore. I wont instigate the fights, but if she throws anything my way, I will toss right back. No more guilt trips my way baby.

The loss of Reece was devastating at first. I now realize he was brought into this world for a purpose. That was to save his mother. Between him and his not yet born sister, they are literally saving her life. Our little angel is working mini miracles in heaven right now.

Regarding my unborn granddaughter. I've not said much. We thought she had a good chance of having a chromosomal defect known as Trisomy 18. Translation: She was going to die. Yeah... great news, huh? Over Christmas, we heard the tests came out negative, but we are still not convinced. So stay tuned. But as of now, our little girl seems to be okay! Due to arrive in March. Drama Queen will not be returning home again except for a short visit. She is starting a new life in her new state. This is GREAT news.

I have a million things I'm going to occupy my life with now that I have accepted the fact my children have basically abandoned me by growing up and don't need me as much now. Jerk kids. Dweebs band has been trying to record tid bits to get gigs and when I get my hands on it I'll put it in the player. They are sounding really good and having a blast.

So, there is the update in an extreme nutshell and as I said in the beginning....

Great things are coming in 2007! And you???

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Party Like It's 2007

We survived. If you have children. If you love children. If you love being around children.

The Great Wolf Lodge is for you. I'm not really sure what I am doing here.