Monday, August 14, 2006

Rockin' The Night Away

Saturday was the Dweeb's 'gig'. He is pretty much a one man band at this point. It is difficult belonging to a full band with his schedule. He had a surgeon from work play bass Saturday. Dweeb played acoustic and electric guitar, electronic drum kit, drum machine, keyboards, and flute. The only instrument missing was the cymbals placed between his knees.

The party was hosted by one of the nurses from where he works. It was in a town called Peculiar. It was quite a drive to get there and I went later because I knew how long it would be to set up all of his equipment. As I pulled off the highway at the Peculiar exit, the billboard read "Peculiar... Where the 'odds' are with you". Hmm... do I really want to pull off here or should I make a quick u-turn and head back where I came from? That sounds a bit scary to me. Of course, I put on my brave face and proceeded into the place where the 'odds' would be with me.

The home of the nurse was very nice. Huge lot (acres) with a pond and a pool. The night was absolutely gorgeous for August. Dweeb was in full swing by the time I pulled down the long gravel drive. Dweeb is known throughout his place of business for his musical abilities and everyone loves it, which is a good thing. He would play whether they liked it or not. He played beautifully all night with only a couple of songs that went a bit haywire. Happens. No biggie. The big hit seemed to be when he was supposed to be taking a break. He picked up his stratocaster, supposedly to tune or check it out, but ended up playing Hendrix riffs. This brought the crowd to the forefront begging for more. Who doesn't like that? How can he refuse his fans? He can't. For the next ten minutes he just stood there, not worrying if everything was plugged in correctly or if his sheets of information were correctly placed in front of him. He just played. And it was grand.


freckledsasha said...

And?????!!!!! Music samples....pleeeaaase :)
Sounds like a great time. What a rock star!

Christine said...

Sounds like you had fun.


Brenda said...

Who would've thought you'd be jammin' out in "Peculiar" last weekend? Hubs limits his stratocaster performances to the basement... for now. :)

Thanks for sharing the fun!

deannie said...

I am so happy for your husband to be able to relax and that you were there to share in his moment of (no doubt) utter joy.


Katy said...

Woo hoo! Go dweeb! I think it's great that he has time for his passion.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogger! It's sooooo goooood to see you!

WHW said...

No music is better than live music performed by a talented person who is passionate about it.

Glad the night was so much fun.

freckledSasha said...

Hm.. no birthday pictures here either... *pouting*

Eric said...

I wanna play like Dweeb!!