Sunday, October 22, 2006

Burnin' Down the House(or trying to)

Wow, it's been awhile.  I'm still here.  I'm still alive.  Just a quick update today though due to birthday dinner for my mother-in-law and hunky boyfriend.  We are going to eat where Blondie works and make her wait on us.  That will be a switch!

Drama Queen has adjusted quite well.  She loves Arkansas.  But, then again, Arkansas is absolutely beautiful with the mountains.  She stopped bucking everyone who talked to her and hopefully is gaining something from the church she must attend and the people around her.  The bible teacher is still constantly reminding her that she is praying for her soul.  I am assuming she is a fairly new convert to that faith, as that is how most are in the beginning... pushy.  She begins GED classes this week which will help tremendously.  Get that brain cookin' again.  Oh wait, maybe she already cooked it! (just kidding)  She did find out the adoption laws in Arkansas which are drastically different then in Kansas which is a good thing.  She is keeping that as a viable option (yes, there is a God).  Still, we have been in this same type of place before, so time will tell.

Blondie.  She went out with a guy that she actually likes!  He's not annoying and a jerk.  She has actually known him since high school (he went to a different school).  We'll see how long he lasts.  She is a whiz at school, as usual and I'm just so dang proud of her.

Dweeb is busy with his new band.  Many new songs to learn and print out, so haven't seen him much.  But, he is doing what he loves and that is the most important thing to me.

Me?  I've been at that point in life where I'm not sure what to do next.  A bit lost to say the least.  After much soul searching and realizing it's time for the girls to be more on their own I've made a decision.  I'm running away from home.  (just kidding!)  I'm going back to school.  Too old to start over in college (my opinion).  No credits I've earned in the past are good now.  I love photography, so I'm going that route.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.  I need a life!

I thought I'd have time to blogwalk today, but... there is always that but, isn't there?  I was going to vacuum and mop real quick and then get to some serious reading.  Two problems arose.  The Swiffer wet mop stopped working.  I got mad about that, so went to the vacuum.  After two rooms, the vacuum started smoking.  I mean smoking with possible sparks or flames shooting out from it.  I quickly turned it off and threw it out on the driveway.  I was seriously pissed at this point.  I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon buying yet another vacuum.  Why don't they last longer?  No way was I going the cheap route this time.  I'm buying the best.  I succombed to the Dyson.  When I got home and re-vacuumed a room that I had done before the old one crapped out, I could not believe the amount of dirt that it sucked up!  I'm a bit happier now.

It's time for the birthday party, so must run.  Oh yeah, my mother-in-law is heading back to Paris soon for three weeks or so.  I'm SO happy for her.  She will meet up with her brother while she is there and travel around France with him.  I'll save that for later.  Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Late Night in the Phog and DQ

Haven't been around because I've been dealing with my Drama Queen.  She was unable to find a place to live anywhere around here.  She was going to have to go to a shelter for the homeless if she did not find somewhere to go.  After searching the internet she found a place in Arkansas that takes in single moms to be regardless of age.  They were kind enough to accept her right away.  So, DQ and I took a road trip this week. 

The drive I was dreading, but it turned out great.  We laughed so hard and got lost in the Boston Mountains that it made the trip worthwhile.  We didn't arrive until close to 10 pm, but they were ready and waiting for us.  This place also takes care of children in need of care and is a beautiful complex.  I was quite pleasantly surprised.  We were shown her room and it had a welcome sign specifically for her with a basket of goodies she might need right away.  They supply everything for her.  One catch?  No smoking allowed.  She protested, but then admitted she figured that would be the case and took it in stride.  Glad I'm not in that dorm these first few days until she gets used to it.  I left within thirty minutes.  I spent the night in the town and headed back home early the next morning. 

She has been calling (or trying to get a hold of me) ever since.  I did speak to her last night and she seemed to be doing well.  The first week is such an adjustment, I hope she keeps her attitude in check.  She is required to attend church twice a week and take their bible classes.  Being Catholic, we discussed how she needs to not react to what they may say to her.  She needs to go by the rules, not laugh, and be open minded.  Take from it what she can and leave the rest alone.  Of course, as expected, the first bible class was the woman telling her that she was raised basically wrong (Catholic) and that we are idol worshippers.  I am so incredibly sick of this perception and frankly we have stopped trying to correct this ignorance.  She did as we discussed and just listened.  The woman said she would pray for my daughter's soul and hope that she accepts Jesus into her life.  Oye!  I wish these kind of lies about Catholics would just stop, but it's open season on us.  So be it.  We can take it.

I had to check in with her lawyer (who was Jaden's dad's lawyer during custody battle 1 1/2 years ago).  Hopefully, he can convince the judge that DQ needs to stay down there away from the 'baby daddy' and all her triggers. 

Good news is that she is not in a shelter and is hours away to hopefully do some soul searching.  It is still too early to know whether she leave this place too.  I just never know what she will do next.  I pray she stays there and makes the right decision. 

So... that is where I have been.  The girl has eaten up every spare moment I have had, but hopefully I can get back to normal.

I'll be around this weekend to finally catch up on everyone.  Til then.. have a good weekend.



You heard me... it's the beginning of college hoops FINALLY!  I could not make it up there tonight for the first night of practice (open to the public), but Blondie will let me know what I missed out on.  AND Sunday the Chicago Bulls and Seattle Sonics are playing at Allen Fieldhouse!  Yep.. we are that cool.  Hinrich (Bulls) and Collison (Sonics) are former Jayhawk greats (graduated a couple of years ago) so the two teams are meeting on KU Campus!  Blondie is going, of course, but I must go to the horse races because I hear Crazy A's boyfriend is possibly buying a race horse then.  Must check out this horse in his race.  I do believe he is as crazy as my sister-in-law.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


If there is one team I truly dislike, it would be the Missouri Tigers. There are many reasons why, but we won't go into that today. Yes, I dislike them even more then the Nebaska Cornhuskers (love those corncob hats people!)

I have had a bad enough week already, so I don't want to hear about today's games. Hoops will begin soon and then you Mizzou fans will all be sorry. You are all poor losers... admit it! So, leave it alone today.


Love ya.. have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Could We Make It Through ONE Birthday...

How I wish we could get just ONE birthday of DQ's without drama and disaster. 

Tuesday morning I spoke with her on the phone.  Air conditioning was out at her house, so I told her she could come over to keep cool.  Fine.  She would finish the load in the washer and call me. 

Within an hour, Dweeb called from work.  DQ was on her way to the ER.  He said it was something like she had lost a pint of blood already and they were leaving the 'baby daddy' place (father of Reece).  WTF???  I just talked to her!  She has no car!  *sigh*   I told him I was on my way.

When I arrive at the ER she is already headed for x-ray for her hand.  It had gone through a window at the 'baby daddy' house.  She went there to get her jacket and his girlfriend was there and they had a fight.  Wait a minute... jacket???  It's freakin' 95 degrees outside!  She didn't need a jacket.  Obviously she needed a fight.  She knew what she would find.  *screaming at the top of my lungs on the inside*.  She gets hand bandaged, we get her script filled, and I take her to her house.  This took the entire day! 

Tuesday evening, her girlfriend took her to dinner.  They returned to their house and DQ went to bed.  Soon, three police officers were at the door to get her for domestic violence and damage.  OYE!  They handcuff her and put her in the car.  (I think next birthday I'm going to get her handcuffs to wear as jewelry.  She seems to be used to this now).  I go to bed and wait for the call Wednesday morning from the County Jail.

An advocate for her calls me Wednesday morning.  He informs me of the official charges.  I explain in 50 words or less the situation between these two people and explain about Reece.   He'll try to use that if needed with the judge.   I spend the day waiting and waiting for the phone call that comes after her hearing in front of the judge.

Early afternoon I get the call.  The judge was not nice.  (duh!)  He looked at her previous record which includes kicking out the window of a patrol car, etc etc and is not happy with DQ.  (duh!)  He even had her juvenile record.  It's quite a list, but all misdemeanors.  (One point for DQ).  He told her what her bond would be.  She paniced knowing I would not pay that and begged him.  (Charming the judge... I think's it genetic and not in a good way people).  He lowered it and it only took 100 bucks to get her out. 

I get in the car and head to the County Jail.  I only do this because I don't want her to lose her job or lose her status at the house she is living.  She is walking on thin ice as it is with the police officers showing up.  Well, I made the mistake of showing up 30 minutes before shift change.  Great.  I spend over two hours sitting at the jail waiting for her to be released.  If I left to run an errand or for any other reason, her name would be taken off the release list and not put back on until I got back.  She was first on the release list and if I left she would get put at the bottom (as the tiny lobby had filled up by now).  So she walks out in her jammies and gets in the car and I dump her back at her house.  She knows I'm not happy at all.  Hopefully, she can get moved out of this metro area this weekend and away from all of this. 

I do not understand why she went over there and why she won't just stop and move on!  He has made it very clear he does not want her around.  But, with borderline personality disorder...  *sigh*  I'm thinking of running away from home! 

I'll keep you posted ....  next week, I'm going to try to talk about good and happy things.  Blogland is too sad right now.   Everyone have a great weekend!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Drama Queen was born October 3, 1980 which now makes her 26 years old. (those numbers sure sting! Ouch!) I had trouble getting images here for some reason, so to see the positive side of my DQ go HERE.

Happy Birthday Girl!

All Right Already! *sheesh*

The post before this one regarding my daughter Blondie has generated quite a hullaballoo!

The story is... Blondie and Cass with their friend C went to a concert that night. I was requested to be designated drop off and pick up person so they could REALLY have fun. I had no problem with this at all and ecstatic they had asked. We don't want our kids driving even after one beer. When I picked the girls up, they were stumbling out of there and Blondie was yelling "I'm in love! I'm going to marry him. NO SERIOUSLY! I'm going to marry this guy!" She always seems to think guys younger than her are cute, so we had fun with the fact he is only 17.

The entry below this one was mostly to practice putting video on my space here.

So please, family members who read this blog and have been calling me in a panic.... SHE IS NOT GETTING MARRIED! Don't worry, Blondie is still on track and not even dating any particular person!

I am notorious for writings like this as many of you already know. It's all in good fun and hopefully makes for a good read.

Thanks for all the great comments!