Saturday, September 11, 2010


     Four years ago, the blogging community got together and each of us took one hero from 9/11 and posted a tribute to them.  I want to share this again today on the 9th anniversary.  We will never forget.

We all remember that fateful day five years ago. You remember where you were and what you were doing when you either watched the frightening events unfold on your television or heard about it from someone else. I remember watching it on television. It had not been that long since we were at the World Trade Center, which is one of the mandatory stops to get our Dippin' Dots fix when we are New York City. We see the scene replayed constantly now with the statistics being retold. 2,996 died that day from terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the passengers and crew on the four airplanes used as missles. These people are not just numbers. They are individuals who had a father, mother, wife, husband, siblings, and children. Until Tuesday, I am giving up this space and my MSN space to honor one such individual.
His name is Stuart Todd Meltzer, known to his family and friends as Stu.
Stu was born October 11, 1968. He grew up in Massachusetts. He was a lively, spirited, and talented child and man. He played baseball, basketball, and football for his high school team. He won the Andrew N. Navoni Award at graduation for leadership, dedication, and superior sportmanship. He played baseball for two years at the University of Michigan. He completed his college studies and graduated from Trinity College in Harvard.
You all remember the team from back East that won the World Series? Yeah, the Red Sox. You know you were rooting for them to win weren't you? We were screaming here in Kansas as they won the World Series. How do you think they pulled that off? Yep, it was one of their biggest fans, Stu. They had an angel in heaven giving them a little help. Stu was a huge Boston Red Sox and New England Patriot fan. He owned season tickets for both teams. He and his brother Larry would go to all the games together. That is until Stu and his wife Lisa had their first son, Jake. After that, Jake was high priority. He was obviously a fabulous dad who put his family first.
Stu has two wonderful brothers who miss him terribly. Ken and Larry have left messages at a couple of the internet memorials up until one year ago. Stu's parents, Zachary and Joyce, live in Centerville. I know they still mourn their son. Soon after 9/11, they were considering moving closer to Stu's wife and sons to help her out. Those are great parents.
It seems everything and everyone Stu touched was gold. So many friends going back to Junior High have left messages re-telling what a loyal and great friend he was. Stu left an indelible mark on everyone he met. He excelled in any job he undertook. He worked in LA for Creative Arts and then back to New York to work for Miramax. Within a few short years, he took a broker job with Cantor-Fitzgerald. Just the week before the Towers were hit, Stu at the young age of 32, had become the West Coast Power Manager at Trade Spark with Cantor-Fitzgerald. This was a very talented man obviously destined for great things.
Stu worked in World Trade Center 1 on the 105th floor. We all know Cantor-Fitzgerald was hurt the most during this attack. Before Tower 1 collapsed, he was able to get one call out. He called his wife. She was not home, but his voice is forever recorded on the voicemail.
RECORDING: "Honey, something terrible is happening. It's very bad up here. I don't think I'm going to make it. Take care of the children."
I have cried many tears researching and reading about Stu and his family. I miss him and I don't even know him! That's just how special this man was to so many, many people.
Stu left behind his beautiful wife Lisa, two sons Jake who is now 8 and Dylan who is now 5. I can picture Jake playing baseball now, just like his dad. Dylan is probably 'in training' to join his brother on the baseball field in a few years. Stu leaves his parents, Zachary and Joyce. He also leaves two brothers with whom he was extremely close, Larry and Kenneth.
I was unable to reach Stu's family before this was written, but I hope I've done him justice. He deserves so much more. I believe Stu is watching over his boys from heaven and always will. He is with his brothers when they miss him so much at all those family outings and sports events.
The Meltzer Family has an angel and warrior in heaven now. He is not here in body, but he is definitely here in spirit. Don't ever forget that.
Last evening, I was watching the program 20/20 which showed the gathering of all the mothers of victims who were pregnant on 9/11/01. These children are now 4 years old. I remember one mother saying that her boy up until a few months ago would tell her that his daddy was in his bedroom. The little boy said when he was in his crib, daddy was standing there watching me and smiling. Children in their innocence see much more than we do as adults.
I would like to believe that Stu is now able to do more in heaven than he could ever accomplish on Earth and he is there watching his sons, smiling.
Cantor Fitzgerald Memorial site has honored all their employees who perished on 9/11 and are accepting donations to help support their families. Please take a moment and visit.

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