Saturday, August 26, 2006

10 Things That Represent My Life

I have been tagged by Tammi and now must come up with the ten things that represent my life. Sounds simple at first, but this is booger of a list to come up with. This meme actually took some real thought! So, here goes...

1. My Family: This has to be first because my two daughters and my husband have been the center of my life for the past 26 years. They are my 'job'. My life revolves around these three people. Hubby is a physician. That should be enough said, but he works in the E.R. which means we don't know what his schedule is from month to month. His shifts change from day to day. Shifts range from day, mid-day, evening, and the dreaded night shift. These shifts don't come in groups together, they are scattered all over the place. No such thing as a 'regular' bedtime around here. DQ obviously has kept me on my toes for past ten years. Running around trying to find her, keep her court dates, visiting her in hospitals, getting her to appointments, and dealing with couples who want to adopt her 'next' baby. OYE! Blondie. She kept me busy running her around to all her athletic and dance activities. Some normalcy in my life! These three are more than a full time job. I don't know how you moms who work outside the home do it. I'm pooped.

2. My Sisters: My sisters are my best friends. I spend most time with them when I am not with my family. I couldn't get through my life without my sisters. Sure they piss me off, but there are so many of them, that there is always at least one or two I'm happy with at any given time. The beauty of a large family. (watch the comments girls)

3. Music: I love music. I love most music. It used to be just rock, but I have learned to appreciate just about anything I listen to at any given time. We have albums, a gajillion CD's, and of course my iPod. That poor little thing is packed with everything from country to rock to blues to classical to rap. And of course you know I have my own personal musician in residence who sings on command. Sometimes I have to tell him to shut-up cause it's driving me batty and I can't hear the news on T.V. Music is huge in our life and home.

4. Laptop: This probably wouldn't have made the list if my power had not been going off and on sporadically for hours on end recently. Dweeb and I first thought no big deal. It will get a bit warm, but we can live with it until the power comes back on. WRONG! I headed to my laptop and he headed to the desktop. My laptop is on battery, but it does not good if you have no electricity to hook up to the internet!! We were at a loss without our computers. I spend HOURS on this contraption a day. Searches, talking with Blondie or friends, blogwalking, downloading more music... you get the idea. Most of you are probably the same way. I realized I cannot live without my laptop.

5. Books: Books have a been a big part of my life since I was a child. I was a reader from an early age. I have shelves and shelves of books. I am getting close to having the complete collection of Pope John Paul II's writings. That will always be kept on my shelf. Others I really need to give away. You can read my mind by looking at what I'm reading at any given time. For instance, I just finished Nora Ephron's new book "I Feel Bad About My Neck". (She is my hero) Sitting on the little table next to the couch where I park my tush is "The Purpose Driven Life". I want to see what the fuss is about this book. I'll keep you posted on that. Sitting on coffee table staring at me begging to be opened is Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat". That book scares me just looking at it. Such committment it is going to require! The content and the number of pages! Also on the bookshelf to never be removed is Sylvia Plath and Augusten Burroughs, Carrie Fisher (she is hilarious!) and John Irving. I also have many books regarding my faith. Have a question about why Catholics do that? I probably have the answer on my bookshelf! I just love books.

6. My Home: This must be on the list because I spend so much time here. I have lived here longer than I have lived anywhere at anytime. We have lived here for 15 1/2 years. That's a freakin' lifetime! My home is a mess. It's not a 'show home' like most in our area. Most of the homes in our area you'd be afraid to touch anything if you went inside. Not here. You not only can pick it up, you can throw it if you want! And we have! We just have lots of STUFF after so many years. Dweeb began with one room downstairs for his music and it has now invaded nearly every single room in the house. My books, scrapbooking crap, camera and accessories also take space in many rooms. And the stacks! This is inherited. I swear. I have stacks. Stacks of papers here. Stacks of papers there. I have tried to organize and file and get them out of the way. It works for awhile, but I invariably find I'm back to stacks. It is organized chaos though. If that's any consolation. It's not too bad really. I just look at everyday and it's getting my last nerve again. I do love my home. Very open. One room flows into another. No doors or small doorways except on bathrooms or bedrooms. I look out my huge back windows (and there is shit load of them, fourteen to be exact) and I see a beautiful lake with a landscaped area that comes to the edge of our property. We completely lucked out by being one of the first six people to move into this area. There are now over 700 homes. We have the best lot in the area. NICE!

7. My Car: Our home is a bit out in the sticks. Civilization is growing our way, but just to get to any shopping it is ten miles one way. I can spend a lot of time in the car. It takes me to 1 - 1 1/2 hours to make a 'quick' run to the grocery store. If I have several errands to run, I map it out so I go in a circle and end up back home without having to backtrack. Backtracking can cost you another 15 minutes to half hour depending on traffic. My car hold any necessities I may need in a pinch. Kleenex, hand lotion, blanket, water, camera, and any items that need to be delivered 'just in case' I end up near the place or see the person it belongs to. I have the iPod car gadget so I can listen to it. On the radio is the sports station so I can keep up do date on the Jayhawks (of course). My car is my second home.

8. My Faith: I am a Catholic. I am an Irish Catholic. I am very proud of that. I LOVE my faith. Some would say I have every reason to hate the Church and are surprised I still love the Church, but I do. The Church didn't do anything, but show me the way. My faith has gotten me through times I thought I would not live through. I believe my religion has the answers, if you know where to look for them. I just know in my heart this is where I'm supposed to be. Adoration is where I am able to speak more directly to God and to cry out loud.... He always answers me. I realize many of you will not understand what Adoration is and I'm sorry for not explaining that now. Confession! How wonderful is that! No, we don't confess so we can go right back out and do it again, etc, etc. If you have the right confessor, you can get all that crap off your chest, be forgiven, and receive spirtual guidance. All in one swoop! When you're finished, you feel fifty pounds lighter! Okay, better move on to the next one. Getting a bit carried away here. My apologies.

9. My Birks: KM will be horrified to read this. Turn your head now sweetie or you may scream. I love my birks. That is all I wear. I have different colors and styles, but that's about it. Don't get me wrong. I love shoes. Shoes don't love me. Birkenstocks are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I can walk for miles in those puppies. My feet never hurt when wearing them. Now, when winter hits and it's freezing outside, I have a new love when I leave home. UGGS. I know! But they are SO comfy! You need to understand, my wardrobe in the winter is jeans and hoodie sweatshirt and UGGS (if outside) or Birks (if inside). Can't help it. I'm a dork.

10. My glasses: I hate them. I hate them with a passion. But I have to have them or I can't see! I had 20/20 vision until I was 41 years old. Then... yep, downhill. I became blind as a bat. Glasses SUCK! Not only that, I went from 20/20 vision to BIFOCALS! Welcome to the 'other side'. My eye problem doesn't have a 'fix'. No laser treatment. No contact lens have been perfected for bifocals yet. (besides I probably wouldn't be able to get them in my eyes) I'm stuck with these things cluttering up my face, hurting my nose and ears. They are smeary much of the time and constantly being grabbed and tugged on by the triplets (previously it was Jaden). These glasses have been through hell. If frames style change, you SOL. You keep wearing what you have until they come back in style again. But, they are a part of me. I have to have them or I wouldn't be able to visit any of you.

I guess that's it. Not very interesting. I'm pretty dull actually. So, what 10 things represent you? I'm tagging anyone who reads this. This means you! I see you and I know who you are.


SherrySherry said...

That was a nice read, Sue. I thought the Jayhawks would be top (or maybe second) on your list (smile). Can't wait for the season to start!

Dana/texasmammie said...

Hey girl~ blogspot, hmm - you too, huh?
I've got a spot on somewhere on here too, I just forgot what I named it oh so long ago.
Love your list, I get your #'s 6 & 7.
I almost wish we would have real company just so I'd HAVE to clean. Plus I've almost always lived out in the country, and you just have to plan ahead.
I'll be back to comment more later. Gotta run for now.

Katy said...

Can't say yuck about Birkenstocks--I think shoes are all about making you happy--and they're not made of plastic or anything. I like most shoes. I just like to wear heels to work.


Tammi said...

Awesome list. You Rock!!

Nooner said...

Hey, when did you open up this spot? ... Anywoo ... Whatcha mean "not very interesting"? Twas FASCINATING! Those like me who love you enjoyed every word! (I read every word but 6 of them .. My glasses fogged up reading "I'm tagging everyone who reads this"). OMG, I can just picture you in Birkis. Thanks to Mrs. Nooner's friends at QVC, every color ever made are in our house. Thank Goodness I have no idea what UGGS are .. and I ain't introducing you to Mrs. Nooner so she can find out. I'm keeping this affair very quiet .. lol.

Katy said...

I think that when/if I become a stay-at-home mom the fashion will change a LOT--I'm thinking lots of matching sweat pants.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I LOVE this list; I didn't think it was boring at all! If I can find some time this week, I'll do the list too.



P.S. How come I'm not listed on the blogs you read? Is it still a list in progress??

P.S.S. I think you are doing thr right thing with are a GREAT Mom, Sue. TRULY, you are.

Miranda said...

It might take me a while, but this is one I'd like to do.

I love reading these, even though everyone seems to think they are a cop out of a "normal" entry. I think sometimes these kind of things tell you as much as, if not more than, the usual entries. I enjoyed reading yours! :)

Take care,

Keith said...

Hey Sue!

Cool list. Did you know that the Birkenstock factory is only about 45 minutes from my house? We always pass it on our way up to the wine country. They are my Father in laws absolute favorite shoes EVER! He practically never wears anything else.

Now, my wifes favorite shoes are her UGGS, and I keep telling her they should be called UGLYS, but it doesn't affect her. She wears them anytime her feet are cold. Her last pair had holes in about three different places before she finally gave them up.

I think I'm going to call the fashion police! LOL!

Amber said...

What a great list...kind of defining to analyze it like that. And I'm with you. Sadly, my laptop would be in the mix. :-)

Aynde said...

That was awsome! I love how the things that represent is aren't always things we like. Ah Life.....

I'll work on this one and post it this week for sure!

Good luck a DQ's graduation.


freckledSasha said...

10 real quick in no particular order:

1. BMac has been a huge part of my life for 9 years now. Love him!
2. Family will always be important to me
3. Food is a huge part of my life and social activities
4. Music surrounds me where ever I go
5. Humility... how can I choose that? It isn't tangible, but I carry it with me and use it daily
6. School is always on my mind and there is always something related for me to do
7. Cell phone is the only way I can keep in touch with BMac and friends through the day (texting) no matter what I am doing
8. (running out of steam) Sleep is very important to me. I am still like a kid, though- I don't want to go to bed, and don't want to wake up
9. My Car gets me to school, work, groceries, to see friends... I would be stuck at home all the time cause there is no way you are getting my ass on the bus
10. Money is a large part of my life. Always wondering if I have enough, and are we doing the right thing with ours... things are better now that I have a job :)

deannie said...

I was so with you on this list till the Birkenstock. You know what it is though? I hate my toes. So most open sandals are OUT and the clogs just don't get it for me. I must be too vain yet.

Sorry to be so behind on my reading, totally enjoyed this list.


Anonymous said...

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