Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Official...

Yesterday made it official. I am now a half century old and everyone made sure to remind of that fact. Signs in the yard and cute little phone calls. Well... except from my Texas Tornado who arrives Saturday at noon. He called to say "Happy Birthday Grandma!" "You're 21 today, right?" Of course I agreed with him wholeheartedly. What a sweetie. Can't wait to get my hands on that four year old! It was a day of laying around and ignoring the mark of the day for the most part. Blondie brought me a birthday cake and DQ took care of something for me which I dare not share on this blog for fear of family lurkers. hehe. The weekend will be packed with two gigs on Saturday, and gee... who knows what may happen on Sunday (rolling eyes). I will fill you in next week since it's such a big secret.

Another niece arrives tomorrow at 1 pm. Yes another baby in the family. Can't seem to get enough of those in our family. This is my middle sis' 7th. Yeah... her oldest leaves for college in August. Can we all say together.... OOPS! I will be at the hospital to photograph the arrival and meeting all the sibs. This will be a challenge people.

BTW: Malathionman? I'll keep you posted on the myth of 50 year old women. AND I may break out the TP tee shirt this weekend for the special occasion and will get a pic definitely of that. I'm so scared to wear it! Don't want to screw up that beauty!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And another month passes....

Well, much has been going on around this place. A week ago I trekked back to Arkansas to load up DQ and Nadia and move them back home. It just didn't work out for her there. We are all trying to adjust to the changes around here now. Nadia is so frickin' adorable I can hardly stand it. I will be taking pics of her soon to post. I'm not sure what is in store now for DQ. Time will tell.

Top picture of myself with three of my sisters at Dweeb's latest gig. Lil Sis looks like she had a few before she got there. Baby Sis is next to me and the other sitting sister is the great artist of the family. The second picture, of course, the band. The third picture is just nice. Beautiful bloom from late May.

Dweeb is adjusting to so much time on his hands. His music has jumped to the top of the list. His band is playing quite a few gigs. Everyone loves them, so it's not just me! That is always good to know. Dweeb has been playing solo also. Needless to say, this keeps me running. Loading... unloading... making sure I'm present at every performance. Got to admit, it is fun! For those that live in the area, the band will be playing in downtown Overland Park next to the Farmer's Market Saturday, June 23rd from 10am until noon. That night they will be Spivey's on 87th Street. The bands name is 'Confusion' (rather fitting for this group). Come out if can!

Baby Sis and I have decided to make the leap with photography. The business cards have arrived and a website in the works for our business. It's pretty scary because I know how important photos, especially of babies and children, are to the parents and I don't want to screw that up! The website we are working on is nothing great, but it's a start. When we actually start making a profit, guess I'll have to give Catholic Mom a ring! The website for now is at You all can give me feedback on the pics. I will be adding more over the summer after I do the jobs scheduled so far.

Blondie is working full time this summer. First time having a real full time job is killing her. She has decided having a degree is good after working five days a week for next to nothing. One more semester and her degree will be in hand! Woo Hoo!

I screwed up my shoulder and not sure what is wrong. MRI showed nothing. Problem is being on the computer KILLS it. So I must now hit the heating pad. This is the month the big 5-0 hits and I'm feeling it!