Friday, October 13, 2006

Late Night in the Phog and DQ

Haven't been around because I've been dealing with my Drama Queen.  She was unable to find a place to live anywhere around here.  She was going to have to go to a shelter for the homeless if she did not find somewhere to go.  After searching the internet she found a place in Arkansas that takes in single moms to be regardless of age.  They were kind enough to accept her right away.  So, DQ and I took a road trip this week. 

The drive I was dreading, but it turned out great.  We laughed so hard and got lost in the Boston Mountains that it made the trip worthwhile.  We didn't arrive until close to 10 pm, but they were ready and waiting for us.  This place also takes care of children in need of care and is a beautiful complex.  I was quite pleasantly surprised.  We were shown her room and it had a welcome sign specifically for her with a basket of goodies she might need right away.  They supply everything for her.  One catch?  No smoking allowed.  She protested, but then admitted she figured that would be the case and took it in stride.  Glad I'm not in that dorm these first few days until she gets used to it.  I left within thirty minutes.  I spent the night in the town and headed back home early the next morning. 

She has been calling (or trying to get a hold of me) ever since.  I did speak to her last night and she seemed to be doing well.  The first week is such an adjustment, I hope she keeps her attitude in check.  She is required to attend church twice a week and take their bible classes.  Being Catholic, we discussed how she needs to not react to what they may say to her.  She needs to go by the rules, not laugh, and be open minded.  Take from it what she can and leave the rest alone.  Of course, as expected, the first bible class was the woman telling her that she was raised basically wrong (Catholic) and that we are idol worshippers.  I am so incredibly sick of this perception and frankly we have stopped trying to correct this ignorance.  She did as we discussed and just listened.  The woman said she would pray for my daughter's soul and hope that she accepts Jesus into her life.  Oye!  I wish these kind of lies about Catholics would just stop, but it's open season on us.  So be it.  We can take it.

I had to check in with her lawyer (who was Jaden's dad's lawyer during custody battle 1 1/2 years ago).  Hopefully, he can convince the judge that DQ needs to stay down there away from the 'baby daddy' and all her triggers. 

Good news is that she is not in a shelter and is hours away to hopefully do some soul searching.  It is still too early to know whether she leave this place too.  I just never know what she will do next.  I pray she stays there and makes the right decision. 

So... that is where I have been.  The girl has eaten up every spare moment I have had, but hopefully I can get back to normal.

I'll be around this weekend to finally catch up on everyone.  Til then.. have a good weekend.



You heard me... it's the beginning of college hoops FINALLY!  I could not make it up there tonight for the first night of practice (open to the public), but Blondie will let me know what I missed out on.  AND Sunday the Chicago Bulls and Seattle Sonics are playing at Allen Fieldhouse!  Yep.. we are that cool.  Hinrich (Bulls) and Collison (Sonics) are former Jayhawk greats (graduated a couple of years ago) so the two teams are meeting on KU Campus!  Blondie is going, of course, but I must go to the horse races because I hear Crazy A's boyfriend is possibly buying a race horse then.  Must check out this horse in his race.  I do believe he is as crazy as my sister-in-law.


annie said...

I wanta race horse. will you buy me one

lil sis

Dana said...

Seriously! I hate when people of other religions claim that Catholics worship Saints. We do not. Ugh. It's infuriating.

I had to laugh when I read the part about the woman saying Catholics are idol worshippors. (Did I even spell that right?) I hear that a lot, too.

Siobhan said...

We're idol worshippers?? Where do these idiots get this. She hopes that she accepts Jesus in her life. I went to church every Sunday and to CCD, and I seem to recall an awful lot of conversations and sermons about Jesus. Silly me, I thought I already had him in my life. What was I thinking.
Well, despite that crap, I hope she stays there, and the no smoking thing is better for the baby. I wish I could loan you my hubby. He could go and see the sperm donor and tell him to stay away from DQ. There aren't too many who can put the fear of God into someone like my hubby. He would love to tell the girls dates that he'd been to prison and had no problems going back! I think every father likes to say that one! But there is something about him that scares the daylights out of punks! They think twice about getting him mad!!
Praying for DQ and you

Becca said...

Hi Sue,

It sounds like it has been a long week for you. I really hope that this works for DQ. I am sorry about the religious stuff. But you have the right attitude about it. I hope that she stays and this works. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Many hugs, my friend. Becca.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like DQ is in the right place for now- your advise to just nod & roll with it is right on. I'll add my prayers to the others- for DQ, baby-to-be, & Mom/Family.

SherrySherry said...

Hi Sue, I've been away so I am just checking up all that I have missed. Sorry to hear about DQ - I hope she gets it together at that place in Arkansas. I, too, hate the emphasis on a specific religion. I believe in having a personal relationship with the Lord and we can all have that regardless of religion. However, that's a topic for another day. Take care and stop bragging on the Jayhawks bball team lest I send my Longhorns up there to whoop you all (hahahahaha).

Sabine said...

Your strength amazes me....on another note..there was a really crummy football game in town today. YIKES, they cannot get it together.

So, I am with you on BB season. Our new Kansas Freshman....Cut and paste into your brower it was on you tube....

Mominator said...

@SABINE: I'm SO psyched about our team. We are going to the Bulls vs. Sonics game Sunday at Allen Fieldhouse! Blondie and Cass just happen to be giving Ryan Robertson a ride. I'm afraid they will be so excited about that they will make complete fools of themselves. hehe.

Angei said...

She's in Arkansas territory, my neck of the woods. I hope this works out for her.


Susan (Indigo) said...

Hi Sue,

Glad you found a place for DQ... too bad about the religious emphasis though. Hopefully she'll be able to tolerate that (not sure I would if I was in her shoes though!).

If it doesn't work out there, have you thought about looking into rehab places in Canada? There are some good residential places here although I gather they can be quite costly (do you have to pay for the Arkansas place or does the gov fund it?).

Good luck... I hope it works out both for DQ's sake and yours -- it's time you had your life back!



katy said...

Wow, you made it to the natural state, eh? Too bad we didn't get to visit. Maybe next time. I think it will be good for DQ to be away from a lot of her old places/friends/contacts, etc.

Dont' worry too much about the close-mindness--Arkansas is still one big small town. I was raised Catholic and have no problem with the religion--people just have a weird perception of it here.

Praying for you and the Queen this week.


Sabine said...

How did they manage to give Ryan a ride? To cool...hope you had agreat time at the game.

Sarah said...

I really hope this place works out for DQ. Hopefully she sticks with it and I think it will be good for her to be away from her old triggers. It's good that you two got some bonding time, too. That is always important!

Thanks for stopping by, I've been missing you! I'm thinking of you and DQ and hoping all goes well.

Canadian Agnostic said...

Anyway, I think it would be nice to worship idols. So much more interesting.

BluJewel said...

Hey mom! Just now getting to you seeing as I've had the past few days of mental and physical hell, but overall I'm okay. Sorry that things have taken yet another drastic turn, but my prayers are with you and family that maybe this time DQ will be able to get herself together. It's really up to her to do this and although you're a great mom, I know you're more than sick of it all. Hang in there lady and may God's (Or should I say the kidding) be with you all.

Leucantha` said...

Too bad they have to push "your religion is wrong" junk. Otherwise sounds great. I hope she does better this time.

So are you excited about basketball at all? : ) Lawrence is a cool town, I really enjoyed living there, except for the lack of chile, but I can import that.


-S. said...

So glad you got her away from everything. Has she ever been far away before? This might be the one that knocks some sense into her. Especially since it is so far away. If she were to leave, where would she go? There is no one and nothing around for her. Praying that it works this time.


Lisa said...

Hi Sue,
I really hope that this works out for you and DQ and everyone involved. You have
been thought alot girl. Hang in there, it has to get better. And it has you haven't
given up on your girl.!!! You love her no matter what, I know you say somtimes you
don't but you do. Sue hang in there. She will get better. and better I pray.

Miranda said...

Man, I left you a comment yesterday and it's gone now... : (

Miranda said...

I'll try to remember what it said...something like:

So, how does my huge poster look? I have no idea. It's too big/heavy for me to hang on my own and since the hubby is working really weird hours I haven't had any help to hang it up. It's going to have to go in our guest/office/guitar room, behind the door, because that's the only place with enough room for it. It's a neat room, has lots of framed concert posters and video game art. (It's the only room in the apartment I let Triforce decorate! haha) Maybe once I have it up I'll post a pic of it.

Go Jayhawks! (That's just for you, Sue. I have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Anonymous said...

I read this last visit and just didn't have a comment. I really hope that you're OK. Whatever else is going on, my concerns are for you. I'm not too worried... you're tough (perhaps due to too much practice), but I hate to see negative things in your life.

Take care,

Katie said...

I am praying that DQ has changed and will stay at this new home. The fact that she let the woman say those ignorant things to her and she held back any comments is a really good sign that she is trying her best. You are in my thoughts.

So what do you think about Giles?

Take care,

Brenda said...

Did I hear talk of "idolatry" in these here parts, Sue? Ignorance is the only way to describe it. Here's a link that DQ can use for backup purposes, but like you, Catholics do not need to defend themselves from stupidity. ;)

On another note, how have you been? I miss you after a week away with the family in New Mexico! Looks like you've been keeping up with the Jayhawks...? Oh yes, of course you have. Take good care of you and the family. You ARE the woman, you know. :)

Katy said...

Just checkin' on ya!