Sunday, October 22, 2006

Burnin' Down the House(or trying to)

Wow, it's been awhile.  I'm still here.  I'm still alive.  Just a quick update today though due to birthday dinner for my mother-in-law and hunky boyfriend.  We are going to eat where Blondie works and make her wait on us.  That will be a switch!

Drama Queen has adjusted quite well.  She loves Arkansas.  But, then again, Arkansas is absolutely beautiful with the mountains.  She stopped bucking everyone who talked to her and hopefully is gaining something from the church she must attend and the people around her.  The bible teacher is still constantly reminding her that she is praying for her soul.  I am assuming she is a fairly new convert to that faith, as that is how most are in the beginning... pushy.  She begins GED classes this week which will help tremendously.  Get that brain cookin' again.  Oh wait, maybe she already cooked it! (just kidding)  She did find out the adoption laws in Arkansas which are drastically different then in Kansas which is a good thing.  She is keeping that as a viable option (yes, there is a God).  Still, we have been in this same type of place before, so time will tell.

Blondie.  She went out with a guy that she actually likes!  He's not annoying and a jerk.  She has actually known him since high school (he went to a different school).  We'll see how long he lasts.  She is a whiz at school, as usual and I'm just so dang proud of her.

Dweeb is busy with his new band.  Many new songs to learn and print out, so haven't seen him much.  But, he is doing what he loves and that is the most important thing to me.

Me?  I've been at that point in life where I'm not sure what to do next.  A bit lost to say the least.  After much soul searching and realizing it's time for the girls to be more on their own I've made a decision.  I'm running away from home.  (just kidding!)  I'm going back to school.  Too old to start over in college (my opinion).  No credits I've earned in the past are good now.  I love photography, so I'm going that route.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.  I need a life!

I thought I'd have time to blogwalk today, but... there is always that but, isn't there?  I was going to vacuum and mop real quick and then get to some serious reading.  Two problems arose.  The Swiffer wet mop stopped working.  I got mad about that, so went to the vacuum.  After two rooms, the vacuum started smoking.  I mean smoking with possible sparks or flames shooting out from it.  I quickly turned it off and threw it out on the driveway.  I was seriously pissed at this point.  I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon buying yet another vacuum.  Why don't they last longer?  No way was I going the cheap route this time.  I'm buying the best.  I succombed to the Dyson.  When I got home and re-vacuumed a room that I had done before the old one crapped out, I could not believe the amount of dirt that it sucked up!  I'm a bit happier now.

It's time for the birthday party, so must run.  Oh yeah, my mother-in-law is heading back to Paris soon for three weeks or so.  I'm SO happy for her.  She will meet up with her brother while she is there and travel around France with him.  I'll save that for later.  Hope you are all having a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

Glad to know you are still alive. I wish I had known about your vaccuum issues. We have a Royal Commercial upright (We own a cleaning business), and I really like this vaccuum. We have had one for several years and it keeps on working. Our newest model has on board tools and HEPA filtration.
I hope you like your Dyson.


Sabine said...

I am glad things are settling down a bit. You are never to old to go back to school. What about just taking some classes that interest you?

Oh, that Jayhawk football team are a sorry lot. Coaches and all, they can never finish a game the wat they started. Well, ther eis always next week.

Have a nice week.

BluJewel said...

Hey mom! Nice update...very amusing. I'm glad that DQ is improving and hopefully it will have long lasting effects. Nice for Blondie; new beau and school. Smiles for Dweeb. As for you, screw the housecleaning, grab a bottle, and run away, even if it's just to a quiet corner to shut the world out for a while.


Sarah said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great! I'm so happy to hear that. How fun for you to be taking some photography classes. I would love to do something like that, but it takes this thing I don't have...oh yeah, money. I would take it as a sign to quit doing housework if my vacuum started on fire. But, I guess that's just me. Yay for Blondie and the boy. Hopefully things go well there and she can balance everything she has going on. Seems like she's a smarty so she should be able to!

Becca said...

So glad that you are finding something that interests you. It is time for you.
Many hugs!

-S. said...

Love my Dyson. Expensive, but Soooo worth it! We bought one just as we moved into the apartment. It had just been cleaned and the carpets scrubbed. We swept it anyhow before we moved in and I was so grossed out by what came up in the sweeper. I even bought the 5 year no question warranty so if my kids break it I'm covered.

I sure hope you are feeling better as you just haven't seemed like your self lately.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO excited for you. You have already demonstrated that you have a great eye, it is going to be a blast watching your progress!

Is Dyson really that good?!? Huh, must check them out. I have been using a Miele for some years and it is a good quality vacuum too.

Love ya!

Malathionman said...

What the heck is all this vacuum cleaner talk!

Screw college looks like you can earn an extra $800 bucks just being on-line!

Chris said...

Glad to hear DQ is adjusting well to her new home. We'll be praying that this is her last stop for this type of thing. Good news about Blondie and Dweeb as well.

But what I'm really excited about is you getting involved in something just for you! You pour out so much of yourself to family and friends that, without a recharge, eventually you'll run dry. The photography is something that I hope will keep you "filled up"! Maybe you can one day you can be the team photographer for Bill Self's crew :)

Have a great week, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great to see you again! It seems like it has been a busy month for all my blog friends. I will send more prayers you way for DQ. Hopefully she will stick with it even with their anti-catholic aditudes.

I love the pictures of the triplets!

one_big_pain said...

Hi Sue, what Chris said!

You will LOVE going back to school, even just for a class or two. I went back full-time at 40 and though I was scared to death it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! I'd never had so much fun in school, and what a confidence booster to know I could do it! Can't wait to see more and more pictures.


Baby sis said...

Hey sis, you always have me and the babes!! hahahaha. Like you want that in your life. I am proud of you for photography school. You are awsome at it. Thanks for always having time for us. If you ever lose your way call and i will give you directions back to my house. Love ya and i want the scoop on your youngest.Jeanne

steve said...

Tell ya how I get MY vacumn cleaners to last longer: I only actually use them about once every 6 or 7 months. The one I have now has lasted over 5 years (and counting).

Just a lil tip for ya! *chuckling*

Anonymous said...

Whooo-hoooo! I think you will love taking classes and I'm THRILLED for you. Like Chris says, you're always taking care of everyone else, it is WAY past your turn, Lady.

Basketball has actually taken a back seat to the recent football news at UNC. Firing a coach, particularly on who is as passionate about the school as Bunting is, is hard but in this case it needed to be done. Maybe we won't suck quite as much next year.

Don't get me started on the Panthers.

Robin said...

I have to post about vacuums. I hated the ones I had in the past but I love my oreck. It will suck up anything, even a screw or a lego and it will keep going. I use it on wood floors too and it has lasted for 6 years now. I did a 6 month payment plan too so it was not too painful. I hope your daughter will like Arkansas, right now the mountains are so pretty there.

Katie said...

I love photography, it is a wonderful stress-reducing hobby!
I am so glad to see that everyone is doing well, things seem to finally be falling into place. I agree with blujewel- now is perfect to take time for yourself- you deserve it!

Susan said...

Hey Sue! Sooooo glad to hear things are going a bit more smoothly now... although I guess the vacuum cleaner figured you were a bit short on drama lately, lol... I have a 1950s electrolux with one of those old plugs where you wrap the wires around the screws that does that to me every once a while if the wires get loose and touch each other! I broke down and bought a new one a few months ago and the power-head died on it last week -- so back to my old electrolux... at least I can fix that one myself!

That's great news about DQ... I hope she manages to keep it together and does well in this program. Sounds like she's on the right road.

As for you... the photography venture sounds great!!! Do you read Bored Barb's blog? She's one of my spacer-friends who started doing photography last year and now her photos are amazing! ( The pics you have posted at the side are great!

Glad all is well with you... nothing new on my end, still buried under a mountain of work that seems to just get bigger instead of smaller.

BTW, I just installed Internet Explorer 7 and it seems that my problems with "spaces live" always hanging/freezing/locking up has gone away! What a relief... I was soooo fed up with that!

I hope you're having a great weekend!


Leucantha` said...

I am glad that DQ is doing better, even with the lady praying for her soul. I mean really why can't she just say I'll pray for you to heal. Can you tell that bugs me?

Photography sounds like fun. I enjoy that quite a bit as a hobby, would love to learn more, but these kids keep me too busy as it is. Maybe when I get to your point....

Anonymous said...

Ugh... just lost my well-thought-out comment!

Anyway, I was saying I'm glad to hear that you quickly found something to focus on after reaching this point in your life. Photography sounds SO rewarding and fun! And it's entirely bloggable, so you can keep us up to date on it!

Sorry I've been in a slump lately and posting rather one-dimensionally. I think my school is very interesting as a topic, but not as the only thing on the blog. I need to throw out some more personal items. I also need to scale back my time in Second Life. That thing is entirely addictive and eating into my blogging time!

Take Care!

SherrySherry said...

Hey Sue, I was just sitting at my desk and realized that I hadn't been to your space in a while. How are you doing? The idea of going back to college is a good one - do something you love just for the heck of it. Photography is a great choice and you will learn something new everyday.
Great to hear that DQ is liking Arkansas. I was planning a trip up there to take photos with Mud Treasure but now she is in the hospital fighting the cancer (sigh). Please pray for her.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Miranda said...

I got a vacuum for Christmas one year, as my "big" present from my mom. It's cool and all, but I wasn't that thrilled to open a vacuum. Is that really selfish? I mean, everyone else got really fun gifts and I got a vacuum. It was like a bad joke.

To be fair, mom knew I'd feel that way about it....until I got home and tried it. And she was right. I love it.

Aynde said...

Glad to hear things are looking up! Awesome that you found something to channel your creative energy into. My son joined the photography club in school...LOL There are 250 kids that signed up for it. LOL

Glad to hear DQ is doing well. I am very familiar with the "wait and see's" LOL My sister is also doing well for the time being. :)

Cool that your mom is going to France! We are hoping to go to hawaii to see the in-laws during thanksgiving but nothing is set in stone as of yet. :)

((((hugs))) to you!! Have a great Halloween and All Saints Day!!

Aynde :)

Texas Mammie said...

Hi-I agree with Nora, I don't think you can pray for someone's soul, but you can pray for God to soften their heart. The good part about that prayin' person is that she must love the Lord, and she cares about your daughter.
Prayer does work, so...just wait.
Glad to hear you're really doing something for YOU.
I wonder if we, as mothers, make ourselves too easy for others to lean on (as in our adult kids)? Photo class sounds like just the ticket. Keep us posted!
Happy birthday to your MIL, so.... she has her own hunk?
Party pictures, please.
I hope Blondie plows through all the frogs, gets educated and THEN finds The Prince. It never happens that way, but one can hope.
Glad to see you back blogging!

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I'm glad that DQ is settling down in Arkansas. Too bad that the church lady doesn't "get" that being Catholic isn't a bad thing (I've faced this prejudice from my MIL for years!) Also glad that you are doing something for you. Have a great time with the photography. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Jenn from Spaces said...

Hey! Long time no see/hear/read! ;-) Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're going back to school, esp. to pursue something you're really interested in. As a community college teacher, I can honestly say that many of my fave students are those who are coming back after a lot of time. They're the students who really want to learn and know what they want to learn and why it's importnat. Best of luck,

Miranda said...

SUUUUEE! Come back, I miss you!!:(