Thursday, October 05, 2006

Could We Make It Through ONE Birthday...

How I wish we could get just ONE birthday of DQ's without drama and disaster. 

Tuesday morning I spoke with her on the phone.  Air conditioning was out at her house, so I told her she could come over to keep cool.  Fine.  She would finish the load in the washer and call me. 

Within an hour, Dweeb called from work.  DQ was on her way to the ER.  He said it was something like she had lost a pint of blood already and they were leaving the 'baby daddy' place (father of Reece).  WTF???  I just talked to her!  She has no car!  *sigh*   I told him I was on my way.

When I arrive at the ER she is already headed for x-ray for her hand.  It had gone through a window at the 'baby daddy' house.  She went there to get her jacket and his girlfriend was there and they had a fight.  Wait a minute... jacket???  It's freakin' 95 degrees outside!  She didn't need a jacket.  Obviously she needed a fight.  She knew what she would find.  *screaming at the top of my lungs on the inside*.  She gets hand bandaged, we get her script filled, and I take her to her house.  This took the entire day! 

Tuesday evening, her girlfriend took her to dinner.  They returned to their house and DQ went to bed.  Soon, three police officers were at the door to get her for domestic violence and damage.  OYE!  They handcuff her and put her in the car.  (I think next birthday I'm going to get her handcuffs to wear as jewelry.  She seems to be used to this now).  I go to bed and wait for the call Wednesday morning from the County Jail.

An advocate for her calls me Wednesday morning.  He informs me of the official charges.  I explain in 50 words or less the situation between these two people and explain about Reece.   He'll try to use that if needed with the judge.   I spend the day waiting and waiting for the phone call that comes after her hearing in front of the judge.

Early afternoon I get the call.  The judge was not nice.  (duh!)  He looked at her previous record which includes kicking out the window of a patrol car, etc etc and is not happy with DQ.  (duh!)  He even had her juvenile record.  It's quite a list, but all misdemeanors.  (One point for DQ).  He told her what her bond would be.  She paniced knowing I would not pay that and begged him.  (Charming the judge... I think's it genetic and not in a good way people).  He lowered it and it only took 100 bucks to get her out. 

I get in the car and head to the County Jail.  I only do this because I don't want her to lose her job or lose her status at the house she is living.  She is walking on thin ice as it is with the police officers showing up.  Well, I made the mistake of showing up 30 minutes before shift change.  Great.  I spend over two hours sitting at the jail waiting for her to be released.  If I left to run an errand or for any other reason, her name would be taken off the release list and not put back on until I got back.  She was first on the release list and if I left she would get put at the bottom (as the tiny lobby had filled up by now).  So she walks out in her jammies and gets in the car and I dump her back at her house.  She knows I'm not happy at all.  Hopefully, she can get moved out of this metro area this weekend and away from all of this. 

I do not understand why she went over there and why she won't just stop and move on!  He has made it very clear he does not want her around.  But, with borderline personality disorder...  *sigh*  I'm thinking of running away from home! 

I'll keep you posted ....  next week, I'm going to try to talk about good and happy things.  Blogland is too sad right now.   Everyone have a great weekend!


Sabine said...

Your a good mom, you know that right?
Sometimes we just have to hear it from someone else.

Homecoming weekend! Rock Chalk Jayhawk...the Nebraska game was a heartbreaker....

The parade is on campus at 9:00am, I will be there,probably by Watson in case you decide to drive over.

I hope you find a peaceful weekend ahead of you.


Christine said...

Oh, Sue.
I am so sorry. Prayers going your way.


brenda said...

DQ is so blessed in having you for a Mom. The love you have for her shows in all that you do to support her recovery, in good times and bad. I am in serious admiration of your strength through it all, Sue.

Please do have a peaceful and relaxing weekend, then we'll meet back in Bloggerville next week for some happy blogging. *hug*

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through that on her birthday. I agree with Brenda - DQ is blessed to have you as a mom. I, too, admite your strength in dealing with DQ's issues for so long.

Hope you have a good weekend - quiet and relaxing. Next week will be better and we will all blog about happy things. =)

Anonymous said...

We need some happy things! I need to just find the time to blog period. Hang in there.

Chris said...

The girl doesn't give you a chance to celebrate anything, does she!

Can't add anything to what's already been said, except that we're thinking of and praying for you, DQ and the rest of your family.

Leucantha` said...

Aye, Aye, Aye! I am starting to think you shouldn't have named her drama. (LOL)

I sure hope you are right and her situation gets better soon.


Always Dreaming said...

I'm still amazed every time I read one of these experiences that you go through with her...amazed at your strength. You are a great mom and an inspiration to us all.

Come visit my new blog, I left MSN finally!!!

deannie said...

Dearest Sue, How I much I appreciate your continuing fine example to me of how a loving Mother behaves toward her children, even errant ones.

I guess DQ can't be a really happy person either...she must always be a miserable person since she continues running full speed down these dead end streets and hitting that proverbial brick wall at the end.

I get so busy at times that I don't get to keep up regularly anymore with things but you are never far from my thoughts and I look forward to talking to you again!

many hugs,

BluJewel said...

I will add you and your daughter to my prayer list. I know and believe in its power. God bless you for being so strong and even when it seems like you're about to lose it, call on Him for renewed strength to forge on.


Aynde said...

Egad! Sue what a mess. YOu are awsome though. I'd have let her rot in the clink. Of course I did that with my sister and was looked on none to kindly within the fam. It's tough no matter what. Bless you. Hope all is well otherwise.