Monday, January 08, 2007

To Be Fair

Lil Sis has a point. I should be fair and post a picture of me when I was little. I searched around and finally found one that didn't show me in a perfect light. Just look at those bangs! Mom should never have been allowed to own a pair of scissors. Pretty cute huh? I'm wondering why my hair didn't stay that red past the age of 45.

Okay sis, there you go. Picture posted.
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deannie said...

Just too cute!

annie said...

I still want the one with curlers and hair dryer but this will do for now good job. Those are nice bangs by the way

Lil Sis

Blu Jewel said...

aww! how cute are you!!!

Malathionman said...

I thought you were the one in the glasses. :)

one_big_pain said...

I just love how sisters will always go to the extreme just to keep each other happy!!

I love your little dress, and I would bet (if your family was anything like mine) you could probably find pictures of all your sisters and most of your cousins wearing that same dress.

Hope all is well. -cindy

brenda said...

Such a precious smile! And I thought my bangs looked funky back in the day. Nope. You win! :)

Chris said...

I'm not sure this was "tit for tat" (can I say that without fear of a sexual harassment suit?). No goofy hat. No boots. No incredibly HUGE smiles or facial expressions. I'll give you the puritan dress and bangs. And you even had to endure Tom's comment (which was perfect by the way!). But I'm guessing there's a more embarrassing photo somewhere in your photo album. You let yourself off pretty easy :)

I'll post one of me this weekend. Maybe this can be a new meme! Have a great weekend, Sue!

weimie said...

Hi Sue..
I apologize in not dropping by here - I've been by your space a dozen times and for some reason, failed to think you'd be posting here!! duh... a little brain is me.

Great pics by the way! lol... I'm going to post a whole little album of humilating pics on my birthday in a few weeks. If we can't laugh at ourselves ... what good is that? (Might include my sisters too except they can't fight back - since they don't know I blog!! hehehe)

Nooner said...

Hi Sue!!
Hope you are having a great start to the year!! Cute pic of you as a little one ;-)