Friday, January 05, 2007

Out with the old, In with the new...

The year 2006 is history now. Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to be over. Last year was such a year of sadness, change, confusion, and soul searching for me I became exhausted! I am ready to start over now. How about you?

I feel great things are in store for 2007. I get the distinct impression I am not the only one who went through so much crap in 2006. I know a few of you out there went through periods of time you began to question your own sanity also.

Family issues were big this past year in my life. I finally gave up. I can't make everyone happy including my mother. She is the way she is. I can't change the way she behaves. I refuse to fall prey to her crap anymore. I wont instigate the fights, but if she throws anything my way, I will toss right back. No more guilt trips my way baby.

The loss of Reece was devastating at first. I now realize he was brought into this world for a purpose. That was to save his mother. Between him and his not yet born sister, they are literally saving her life. Our little angel is working mini miracles in heaven right now.

Regarding my unborn granddaughter. I've not said much. We thought she had a good chance of having a chromosomal defect known as Trisomy 18. Translation: She was going to die. Yeah... great news, huh? Over Christmas, we heard the tests came out negative, but we are still not convinced. So stay tuned. But as of now, our little girl seems to be okay! Due to arrive in March. Drama Queen will not be returning home again except for a short visit. She is starting a new life in her new state. This is GREAT news.

I have a million things I'm going to occupy my life with now that I have accepted the fact my children have basically abandoned me by growing up and don't need me as much now. Jerk kids. Dweebs band has been trying to record tid bits to get gigs and when I get my hands on it I'll put it in the player. They are sounding really good and having a blast.

So, there is the update in an extreme nutshell and as I said in the beginning....

Great things are coming in 2007! And you???


siobhan said...

I know that this year had been a bit of a rollar coaster for you. That is great news about the little bun in the oven. I'll be praying that she is born healthy. Is DQ keeping the baby then? That would probably be good for her. Sometimes seeing the circle of life can keep you grounded. I'll be praying that DQ stays healthy as well. It;s great that she is starting a new life in a new state. There she is away from her "triggers". I hope that the old sperm donor is staying away from her.....he is definitely a trigger for DQ. He sounds like a jackass anyway!
Here is wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe, happy, and HEALTHY new year!!

-S. said...

It's going to be a great year.


deannie said...

I am taking a picture a day and so far it has been loads of fun. I don't post every day (in fact I have almost seven days worth to sort through, edit and upload!).

I am really on a roll now with my exercise and diet, hoping to make serious progress now!

And I SO hope we meet this year when I get my puppy or at BlogHer.

Love YOU Sue, Many hugs

Malathionman said...

Just don't cry when the Jayhawks go down early in March! Go UCLA!

The Beach said...

Hi Sue, yes 2006 had some major ups and downs but we survived, didn't we? Sometimes we wonder whether we will, but we are tougher than we think. I pray that 2007 will be filled with lots of blessings for you. I pray that DQ's baby will be as healthy as ever and that she will bring her mom even closer to a complete healing. Positive vibes from me to you. Hugs.

Leucantha` said...

I can't believe Malathionman just went there, I hope you don't hurt him.

I am glad DQ got good news and is doing well. I know it is hard to feel total relief, hopefully you all will be pleasantly suprised.

Best wishes to you lady!

Caffeinated Librarian said...

Oh please, Malathionman - UNC all the way, Ba-by!

Happy New Year, Sue. I wish for nothing but the best for you and yours - you guys deserve it after everything you've been through.

Sarah said...

You know, 2006 was just an average year for me. Nothing earth shattering, but nothing wonderful either.

I know it was a tough year for you. 2007 is definitely going to be better!

Blu Jewel said...

hey Su...happy new year and i pray that you will have all the strength, resolve, will to be all in your favor.

Christine said...

Oh, Sue,
I am praying that DQ has a healthy baby girl and that she is FINALLY on the road to healthy adulthood. I have not posted much about out last few months, but suffice to say the crap just kept coming. :-)
I pray that we all have a WONDERFUL 2007!!!!!!!!!


Robin said...

At this point I ask myself, "can it get any worse?" I have followed you all year and I am glad you are well but I am so sorry that you and your daughter are dealing with more challenges. You are strong and incredible! I pray that the 2007 will Bless you more!