Thursday, September 21, 2006

Expanded 101: #14,#15 Three sisters married Toms and I have tons of nieces/nephews!

This piece of my 101 expansion will tackle the issues of several of my sisters.  I'm sure there is a medical name for this symptom, but I have no idea what it is.  I'm sure it's mental.  You see, four of five of my sisters are married.  Three of those married sisters married men named 'Tom'.  I don't know if this is some sort of sibling rivalry and I just failed to get the memo or what.   All I know is the two sons-in-law who are NOT named Tom, have considered having their name change in order to 'fit in'.  

These three grown men constantly argue about who is the #1 Tom, who is the #2 Tom, and who is on sh*t list because they have been relegated to #3 Tom.   The #1 spot was usually determined by my dad (meaning they showed for happy hour at 3 pm to have a drink with him or helped in some home improvement project our dear mother was determined to have done).  Now that dad is gone, it is pure mayhem when everyone is together.  Arguing back and forth on who is "#1".   Personally, Baby Sis's 'Tom' is the #1 Tom in our family.  C'mon... he stayed home all last weekend with the triplets and Jack so we could escape on a two day vacation!  Did the other Toms come and help??  NO!  So, there you have it. 

Baby Sis's Tom will always be #1.  That is it.  No more to be said. Period.

Now, for the #15.  Actually I just put that number 29 there.  It's been awhile since I counted and probably counted my kids in there.  So, to be completely accurate and avoid Blondie correcting me in the 'comment' section, I shall just list names.  There will be a quiz so pay attention... got it?

I think going by families will be easier.  No way by ages.  Too many to remember.  

Maryanne, Mike, Paul, Marie, Clare, Elizabeth, Louise, John, Lindsay, Krista, Erin, Natalie, Danny, Frankie, Elise, Joe, Luke, Chris, Rachel, Josh, Brian, Jack, Lauren, Abby, Conor.  Can't leave out Kapoe and Princess (one sisters doggies who are her kiddies!) 

Okay, I must have included Jaden, Reece, Isaiah, and Lucy (my grandkids) in the mix when I wrote my 101, but there you have it.  All but two of these kids are 18 or under.  Now do you understand my migraines at family functions?  I thought so.  

One more thing... this number is subject to change at any given time.  We are good Catholics... but I'll cover that in the next installment.


Amber said...

I think our kid's generation will all marry Lucases. There are just too many boys with that blasted name these days.

one_big_pain said...

Good Grief!

I know from experience though, that the family get-togethers are a great time. There's something for everyone to do, and someone for everyone to hang out with. That's one experience that small families really miss out on IMHO.

Mominator said...

@ Amber: Lucas huh? What's the girl name?

@one_big_pain: you are SO right. They are a blast (most of the time) and when you get sick of someone, there is always another to hang out with. Teaches you tolerance also.

Anonymous said...

We have double names on both my side of the family and my husbands. On my side there are two Nicoles. Both with the same last name (one married into the family and one is unmarried, but already own that last name). They both have the same middle name too. We usually call one Nicky (if we can remember) or the blonde one and the brown haired one.

Texas Mammie said...

Wow. On my side, I have only 2 sisters, 2 nephews and 2 nieces. Hubby's side, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 3 nephews and 1 niece. It helps out at Christmas.
We have look alike names, I have a sister-in-law named Diane, one named Dianne and my name's Dana - we all have same last name.
I'm assuming ya'll are OK, no storm damages at your place?


Keith said...

Wow, what a huge and wonderful family you have. (I saw the picture on your 'other' space.)That is really cool.

As far as a name for Dweeb's new guitar, how about "Unexpected"?

Or, if you're not quite over it yet, how about "Unforgiven"... ...yeah, that's a cool name for anything! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have 32 cousins. None of us share a name. of all our kids (and there are a lot) only 2 share a name. :)!!!


BluJewel said...

And I thought I had a large family. We don't have many (if any) members with the same name, but the funny thing we do have is that 3 sis-in-laws were all pregnant within months of each other for their 3 kids. So there are nine kids all born within months of each other. Currently, two of the cousins who were born within months of each other will have children within in months of each other. Crazy right?!

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I'm one of 6 kids. Four of us are married. Three of us have kids. Two nephews and four nieces - range in age from 21 to 4. My dad, baby bro, and one BIL all have the same name. My folks live in the same 3 bedroom ranch style house that we grew up in. Imagine 16 people in that little space. Lots of noise and confusion when we're all together. Can understand the migraine comment. Hubby's family is MUCH smaller . . . he takes Tylenol before we even leave the house.