Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bring it on!

The very first person I began reading, which made me decide to do this blogging thing we do is our dear and beloved IT Catholic Mom. I love this woman! She has helped me all along the way answering any questions I may have readily and kindly.

Then I found out she was big fan of this team!

This has been difficult news to swallow. No, I haven't lost respect for her, but c'mon... these people are crazy. You would think they knew colors other than RED existed! This Friday, my team meets her team. Now, I know she posted the picture from last November when our teams met. But do I really need to remind her of this???

Kansas 40, Nebraska 15

Nov. 2, 2005 · Memorial Stadium · Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas' Win Over Nebraska...

Yeah... that's what I thought! Bring it on, girlfriend!


Pilgrim said...

Hi Sue!

So glad you found my new site, and thanks for stopping by!

Yeah, we all had a great time! (if I may speak for the others)

There's something special about finally meeting people face to face that you have only "known" thru their writings.

I'm hoping this will become an annual event.

You site here looks GOOD! So many of my friends are leaving Spaces now. That'll teach'em to mess with us, huh? *laughing*

Very good to see you again. don't be a stranger, k?

I'm gonna use THIS URL for my link to you, right?


Eric said...

I'm gonna throw all caution and propriety to the wind and say...


(but I mean it in the warmest, most sincere way)

Sabine said...

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!
We embarrassed them last year...they have throttled us many years before. I reckon it is our time now.

BluJewel said...

I don't do football, but I'll stay posted just for the humor of you two going at it.

Aynde said...

Well being as I was born and raised in NE being a Husker Fan is imprinted on my DNA. I don't follow football anymore but I keep up with the Cowboys from the University of Wyoming! Now that I ma here in TX I have the rivalry between UT Longhorns and A&M Aggies to enjoy. LOL

Texas Mammie said...

I remember all the rivalry back when I lived in Ks. I'm not a big sports fan, but, hey - a party's a party, right?
I think I'm going to be doin' all my comments to ya her on blogspot. Even my own space is geting hard for me to access.
Rock Chalk JayHawk!!