Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rock Chalk Baby!


one_big_pain said...

Hey, I'm right there with ya!!

ITChick said...

Umm... go Creighton? :)

Mominator said...

@itchick: Heck ya GO CREIGHTON! I've got them goin' on in my bracket!

the beach said...

HOOK 'EM HORNS!! Hey Sue, I have Kansas going deep in my bracket, but you know I have to root for my Longhorns. I picked VCU to beat Duke so you could imagine my excitement last night. I still think Florida has a great chance to win it all, though, so we will see. I am off to work on my dissertation before the games begin:) Enjoy the weekend!

Sabine said...

Onward we go. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

GO JAYHAWKS! Oh my, did this Tiger just roar that??? Yes I did, I want them to go all the way to Atlanta. I loved your prayer for the Jayhawks. It is Sunday and look out Kentucky.

Yes, meeting Texas in Atlanta for the finals would be awesome. Remind you of Danny and the Miracles beating Oklahoma?

Have a great week.


the beach said...

Sue, can you hear me crying? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa......okay, I am officially rooting for your Jayhawks now - ROCK FRIGGING CHALK (hahahaha)!!!!

the beach said...

Hi Sue, just thinking about you and DQ, and praying that everything is going well. Hugs.

Christine said...

Hey Sue,
I would have posted on the Steve McQueen post, but comments seems to be disabled there. I hope you and your family are well. Update us on DQ, okay?