Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tornado Warnings Have Begun

It seems spring is trying to push it's way into the midwest, but winter just won't let go. Tonight the severe thunderstorms began. Tornado warnings have begun to the south and are headed our direction. They should arrive in the next hour or so. Unfortunately right behind that is more SNOW! GIVE ME A BREAK WITH THE FRIGGIN' SNOW! I am so sick of winter I want to slit my wrists. It won't be much snow, but it's snow none the less. *sigh*

Rusty and Blondie are doing great now that they have their car back all shiny and like new again. The wreck did some serious damage to the car, but now it's like having a new car! (especially since the body shop was so sweet and cleaned the inside of the car also! I actually saw the floor!) I know Blondie is looking forward to Spring Break which is coming soon. She is a poor college student, so she and her friends are going to park themselves down south at a friend's parents home and mooch off of them for the week. They are psyched to get out of town.

DQ... still pregnant. She's feeling it now. One month to go people! That little girl will be here soon. DQ is doing well other than being miserable (those with kids know what I'm talking about). Baby has moved down and DQ is doing some serious waddling now. We are all trying to get things together to make sure she has what she needs. After she delivers, she will probably spend a few weeks here with us while recovering. (really us girls here in town just want to hold the baby. hehehehe)

Dweeb's big gig is this Saturday at Callahan's Bar and Grill. I hope they are ready. They haven't been able to practice much due to illnesses and business trips, but I'm sure it will all fall into place I'm sure. I'm psyched for sure!!

And me. My life is with those babes and Jack. I can't really call them babes now. They will be two years old in a week! How does that happen? The triplets are little people. Jack will be 4 in three weeks! Just like my Texas Tornado who turned 4 a week ago. I have a break from this week. I do believe Baby Sis and her hubby have lost their minds. They took four kids under the age of 4 to DISNEYWORLD FOR A WEEK!!! They are nuts. Of course, not totally insane. They forced Lil Sis to go along and then coerced Chicago Sis and her hub that it would be fun if they joined them down there for vacation. Suckers. hahaha. I'm sure they are having a blast in the warm weather of Orlando, Florida. I don't know. I just keep thinking FOUR KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF FOUR AT DISNEYWORLD and I laugh.

Other than that, you know what I'm doing.... JAYHAWKS ARE ROCKING THE HOUSE PEOPLE!!! They are awesome right now! I've been watching college b ball getting ready for March Madness!


Christine said...

Ok....what crash or wreck?????? You haven't posted anything in weeks and then you lay this on us???? Is everyone healthy? Was anyone hurt in the wreck? OMG lady....

Glad to see you posted something, anyway. I hope you are well.


Mominator said...

Oh sorry... there was a snowstorm three weeks ago and a lady ran a stop sign in Jayhawk Country by accident. No one was hurt. Sore for a few days, but everyone is fine. The car had didn't look so good, but it was covered by her insurance. It took two weeks to get it fixed. Poor Blondie had to drive a rent a car. She now appreciates her awesome Honda!

Sue :)

deannie said...

So glad Blondie is okay - I was worried I had missed a post too.

How is your photography coming? Can't wait to see your latest images. Thanks for the birthday wishes (don't worry though, I really don't celebrate my birthday).


the beach said...

Hey Sue! Woohhhhhoooo - doh mess with Texas! I am glad to see you giving my Longhorns some love, although I know you will kick us to the curb when the Jayhawks are playing:) They are hot these days and March madness should be a blast! Then again, it's always a blast. After football, it's March madness for me babyyyyyyy (Dickie V)! Take care and stay warm. It's not too bad down here these days (70's), but that changes today as a cold front moves in.

one_big_pain said...

I thought about you last night while we watched the storms move through. We are in the midst of white-out conditions - it's snowing like mad and blowing even harder - but I think you guys down south are still getting the worst of it. Good day to stay inside and surf!

Glad to have an update on everyone. Best of luck at Callahan's! Sounds like great fun!


Sarah said...

You're having tornadoes or whatever and in Minnesota we're getting our first significant snow of the year! We're having a blizzard. Schools are letting out at 11:00 and I doubt they'll even be open tomorrow. Crazy!!!

Maybe I need to get my car ran into and they it'll get cleaned...probably the only way it will ever happen!

I really hope everything goes well with DQ's delivery and mom and baby are happy and healthy. That'll be good that she'll be able to spend some time with her family after the babe is born.

Good luck to Dweeb and the band, I'm sure they'll do great.

Thanks for the update...I've been missing you lately! Come on by when you have a chance.

Miranda said...

Ok, I'll officially stop complaining about the rain we're having here. It, apparently, could be much worse. Glad to hear everyone's doing well.

Glad you liked my new purse! I bought it weeks ago but can't use it because of the aforementioned rain. I'm really behind on posting but my computer at work wont let me post and I'm too busy at night. I'll try to get something done this weekend.

Take care!!

brenda said...

SUE!!! Good golly I've missed you. But really, you did not need to send thunder-snow my direction. REALLY. ;) We're so buried in snow and ice right now that I don't know how CH is going to make it home from work... *sigh*

And can you believe we've been thinking about Disney World this year? What a coincidence. But I would NEVER in my wildest dreams think of taking kids under the age of 4 years to that place. Talk about torture. Have they lost their minds?!

Take good care and snuggle up with Dweeb man. :)

brenda said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, SUE! (Was I too loud? This is an exciting day... hard to contain oneself.)

Mominator said...

THANK YOU BRENDA!! I can't believe it has been a year already! And you my first visitor and commenter ever back then!! I love you girl! I hope Catholic Family is safe and not buried in snow.


the beach said...

Hey Sue, did you hear me wailing all the way from the Lone Star State? After all those threes in the first half, my Longhorns caved in. Congrats to your Jayhawks, Sue! Hope you having a lovely weekend, and hope the family is doing well.

Leucantha` said...

You know we are rooting for the JayHawks, my husband is hoping he won't be disppointed this year. ; )

I am glad Blondie was okay, I though I had missed something too.

I'd comment on the craziness of the 4 kids under 4 thing but whenever we go somewhere with my siblings, between us we have 5 under 5. it is a challenge though!

big dog mom pam said...

Whew! I thought I had missed something about Blondie and Rusty being in a crash. I'm glad that everyone is okay and that the car could be repaired.

As for the four under four at Disneyland. I'm laughing myself silly at the very thought of such a thing . . . but I'm thinking they are having the time of their lives!

Katie said...

It's fun being a Jayhawk in Texas!
I can't wait to hear how the show is- I'm sure he will do great!


Anonymous said...


Congrats to KU and the Big 12 title. That was one of the best games I have seen in a long time when KU beat Texas last Saturday. Now, deep in your heart, don't you wish KSU and MU were better so KU could have that much fun when they play them??? Ok, don't answer that. lol

Dang, I missed Dweeb's gig. I did not check your sight in time I guess. How did it go?

My son is off to Panama City beach for spring break. Or shall I say, my money is off to the beach. Oh well, we all deserve a break I guess.


Sabine said...

Rock Chalk Sue. I hope you are well. It sounds like your life is as lively as ever.
Big hugs,

weimie said...


Hi! So sorry I missed this... don't know how I didn't happen by sooner to catch a new post.

4 kids under age 4 at disney is a HOOT! How'd it go for them? And was his gig??

I hope you're surviving all the crazy weather... take care!


Nooner said...

Hi Sue!

Oh, it's always good to catch up with my Padre Pio fan ;-)

I don't envy you being in Tornado Alley. That's one form of weather that scares the living daylight out of me.

Here's wishing you a wonderful upcoming Spring!


the beach said...

Congratulations, my dear Sue! The game was well played today....but beware of my Longhorns in the NCAA tourney.....your luck will run out then(hahahaha). We are going to hook the Jayhawks.....great game today!

s- said...

I found you!!!!!

Yes, what's up with the freakish weather? It'll be so nice when spring finally gets here and is relatively calm and normal (whatever that is).

Okay, I was just over at your MSN Space, and I saw one thing jump out at me. And I agree. I don't like the NC Tarheels either. Now that I've confessed that, I can continue with my day... :)

Sabine said...

For you:

Blu Jewel said...

i've been bad with stoppping by almost as much as i'd been bad about keeping my blog up. thanks for the recent stop by and for the comment.

i'm happy that things are going well for you and fam and that DQ is doing well. I hope my list does help her on some ways.

continue to be blessed and my prayers continue to be with you all.