Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whew! We're Melting!

The Dweeb and I made it back from our wonderful little trip to the Northwest for our 25th wedding anniversary. I'd say it was nice for just to the two of us to get away, but it's always just the two of us now! I still reel with how time slips by so quickly. It was a great rest and slipped across the border to Vancouver to visit a fellow photog. I must admit, you better have answers when you hit the border to Canada now. It was NEVER difficult to get into Canada. Now they seem to want blood from your first born to get in. Why? Seriously. It's CANADA! After an intense grilling, they decided we weren't much of a threat and let us proceed to Vancouver.

The wedding. Ah, the wedding. The dress is being ordered now. We waited a month before we put enough money down for it to be ordered to make SURE it's the ONE. And it is! Mission accomplished. Beautiful dress. Sorry, guys, cannot post. The date has been changed though. There was a bit of a glitch at the church, so it has been moved a month later. So... the big day is July 24, 2010. Wow. It's really, really sinking in now. Banquet hall and church confirmed along with their scheduled appointment with the priest. We'll see if they pass the test! Just kidding.

It's difficult with her so far away. I could not see the church or help get glitches remedied. I have no power in Chicago! But, Sarah has handled everything wonderfully. I will get to see the church in August when we trek to Chicago for my sister's 50th birthday bash and Sarah's 'who cares it's my birthday too' day. All the sisters will be attending. All six of us together for a partay! I just hope there is no video. That could cost me.

It is sweltering here. Heat index hit 106 today and will be worse tomorrow. Humidity is stifling and not a breath of wind around. Hopefully it will break by end of the week. It's too early for this weather! This is August weather! Good reason to stay indoors and watch movies, I guess. Maybe Tom will lend me his Wii to keep me from becoming bored.

Anyway, that is all around here. Nothing much else. Everyone stay cool!


Sabrina said...

I'm sure glad that let you in--thanks for coming to visit :)

Take care in your awful heat; it's just too hot for us Vancouverites to even imagine!

Miranda said...

OMG, if Tom wont let you borrow his Wii, you can toally come take one of our gaming systems! Now that Hayley is older Geoff is playing games more and THE NOISE. Ugh, the noise. Though, I must say that years of tuning out the sound of videogames in the background has set a solid foundation for not letting baby cries get to me.

Small Town Girl said...

Glad to hear your trip went well!

Wedding planning can be tricky, but it sounds like your girl handled it well. I'm glad to hear you'll have a nice "girls' weekend" with the sisters and be able to see the church and all that good stuff. Sounds like a great time!!

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