Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten!

Man, has this past month or two been busy! I have been working full steam ahead and trying to get my photography business going. I have been doing it for friends and family for awhile, but it's time to stretch my wings, jump of the cliff, and try to soar. We'll see if that actually happens though. haha.

So, this week I had the immense pleasure of taking Jackson's pictures! This little two year old was a hoot! He is a master at feeding geese and jumping! I am going to post a couple of the pics here, but I have a new place also for you to keep up on the photography side. I have decided to start a second blog for the photography since I talk to so freely about my family on this one. For those who don't know us, could be scary. hehe.

So, if you go to, you will find a video of Jackson's shoot. I will post images in the next day or so. I am also on Facebook, which is mandatory with a business these days. (I must say Blondie (Sarah) was horrified at first, but I've managed to be good and not humiliate her... yet.) If you are on Facebook, look me up and be my friend. I have a photography group there also trying to get the senior high kids. They are THE MOST FUN TO SHOOT!!!!!!! I swear, if I can make money at this, I will be heaven!

Now, onto more important things... the wedding!!! Date has been set! June 26, 2010. Whew! Gives me over a year. Things are moving very smoothly! The banquet hall has been reserved and I have to say here that Sarah (let's use her real name now... she is an adult now!) is doing a fabulous job at finding discounts and still getting her dream! Not only that, she is working her butt off and will be more than doing her fair share in footing this bill!! A mom couldn't be more proud! I have a winner people! I knew before, but this... the only thing better will be seeing her as a mom. I.cannot.wait!

Anyway! Banquet hall has been booked (more on that later... lots of time). She will be in town in a few weeks. Her maid of honor (okay, might as well use her name too!), Monica have been friends since about 6th grade. So Monica made the appointments and we are spending an entire day at wedding boutiques. We are going to force Sarah to try on every single dress in her size that day. I know she has one in mind that she is stuck on, but you know girls how that goes. Sometimes, you put it on and your body completely rejects it!

So that is the update. Check out the other blog if you feel like tearing up. Jackson's mom is also one of Sarah's oldest friends and is a single mom now. She is a GREAT mom and has quite the little man. Oh, these kids grow up TOO fast!



one_big_pain said...

Can't wait to hear - and see - more about the wedding! Pictures of all those dresses she tries on would be a great place to start. It's been a long time since I've looked at dresses and have no idea what's out there.

I'm excited for you starting your own business! Good for you!! I'll drop your name as often as I can to my nieces and nephews in Olathe.

Best of luck, Sue! -cindy

Small Town Girl said...

I always knew I liked I know why! We share such a wonderful name. :)

You sound super excited about everything going on right now. That's great!

Miranda said...

You must be having a blast with the wedding prep!! I agree, pictures are in order- I love wedding stuff!

As for me, I'm taking PLENTY of pictures, don't you worry! In fact, I just uploaded a bunch if you want to check them out. It's too bad you're so far away, it would be great to have you snap a few!