Sunday, December 17, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

I ran, but Catholic Mom was too quick for me. I've been tagged. There are many weird things about me, but I shall limit my list to six.

1. I, too, cannot roll my 'r's. It is quite embarassing at times when trying to speak Spanish and it just doesn't sound quite right.

2. I cannot roll my tongue. This is embarassing because I seem to be the only person who cannot do this. My family says, "C'mon, mom, it's easy". Well, it's not. I can't do it.

3. When standing still and talking, I lift my right foot up onto my toe and twist my foot back and forth.... back and forth.... back and forth... which drives my children insane. I can't help it. I do it without thinking. I've caught them doing it a time or two and they didn't realize it.

4. If you say you are hungry in my home, or ask for something to eat, without even thinking I begin to list everything in the house that is edible prefaced with 'we've got'... eg. we've got Eggos, we've got chicken nuggets, we've got turkey. This is another thing that drives my children insane. No matter how many times they say they are hungry, I will repeat what we have to eat in the house. Habit I suppose.

5. I have an 'evil' eye. I don't mean to have an 'evil' eye. It is just there. When I look at someone or am concentrating, it sometimes appears that I am giving them a mean look. Please, if I do this to you, it is NOT a mean look or an 'evil' eye. Really.

6. Our home has little stacks everywhere. I don't like stacks, but they are there. Stacks of magazines, papers, coupons, etc. I tolerate these stacks EXCEPT in the living room and entryway! NO STACKS THERE! Stacks do appear on the coffee table and floor. By evening, I'm staring down the stacks and my right leg is jumping. I will pick up the stacks and move them 6 feet to the counter (where there are mini stacks) just to get them out of the living room.

So, just a little weirdness that is me. And now I shall tag Miranda, Sarah, and Sabine!


Malathionman said...

I bet if you take out all those piercings you could roll your R's.

The Beach said...

As I read that, I tried to roll my R's and I still can. I studied Spanish and French for 7 years so I should know how to do it:) Ok Sue, I am going to link directly over to this space now and forget about your msn space. Take care and have a blessed week. Hugs

Sarah said...

Hey there lady! I already did this "weird" survey. I have to agree with your "R" rolling, though, I can't do it either. When I was in Spanish in high school I tried and tried but never got it. Oh, well, pretty sure I won't be going to any Spanish-speaking countries any time soon! I have the stacking thing happening in my house too. There are just some things that don't have a place to be put away.

It was good to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words. You always make me feel so good about myself. If I don't talk to you before then, have a great Christmas. Enjoy your family and relax!

BluJewel said...

I love rolling "r's" but that's because i studied languages. LOL!
you're so-called weird things aren't so bad. i thought you were gonna say some pretty off the wall stuff.

glad to see you've updated and i hope all is well. Merry Christmas!!

Brenda said...

Teehee! At least you tried to run. :) (When Eric tagged me, I was dead on my feet and gave in to the challenge immediately.)

Love your list, Sue. Now I understand why we get along so well. Thanks so much for taking the time to post all those freakishly weird things about yourself that drive people mad. ;)

Miranda said...

Tag and you shall receive. : )

Leucantha` said...

Malathion Man should talk, look what happened to his belly ring.