Thursday, November 16, 2006

Humble Pie

Sorry people, this is a gal with issues right now. One issue is a basketball team which has been humbled early in the season. Don't be fooled. Oral Roberts University is not a 'no name' team. Eddie Sutton's son coaches this team and they are darn good with two players who could easily be a starter for Jayhawks or Longhorns. Our boys are young hot shot All Americans and probably needed a helping of Humble Pie before we meet Florida over Thanksgiving weekend.

No snickering over there Caffeinated Librarian... I heard how close your game with Winthrop was last night. Many 'experts' are predicting our teams to meet in March Madness.

North Carolina vs Kansas

Wouldn't that be so sweet!

One more thing: Drama Queen really needs a quick prayer from each of you for her baby girl. I am not able to explain more, because I don't have enough facts yet, but I DO know prayers are needed. Thanks all you WONDERFUL people!


Caffeinated Librarian said...

Hey, I'm not snickering. These early games can be real shockers. You probably didn't get to see the Winthrop game - it was very interesting, my first time seeing the boys this year. UNC was very underwhelming in the first half (with the exception of Tyler Hansbrough, who is always wonderful) and were very lucky that one of Winthrop's players who had 20 pts in the first half finally cooled off. Plus I suspect Roy may have yelled, er, motivated them during halftime to play better defense and to move the ball more. Good thing they listened.

But as you said, Winthrop is a good team lead by a great coach who came in with a very well laid out game plan. What did they say, it's seven years in a row that Winthrop has made it into the NCAAs? (Something like that). Plus, when I was in high school I took writing classes over there, so I have a soft spot for them too. *grin*

On a serious note, I'll keep your girl in my thoughts.

Miranda said...

Usually, I'm not the praying type--but I'm know to make exceptions. I'll be thinking of you, DQ and the baby girl.

Take care, Sue.

deannie said...

You are always close in my prayers, wishing for the best with DQ.


sabine said...

Prayers coming her way. I hope all turns out well.

The basketball team was a bit over confident and probably need a bit of a reality check. I think they should NOT be ranked in the beginning of the seasont for any team and then mid season start the rankings. We have to remember they are still kids and have a lot to deal with.

Then there are the women who won last night and finally made the front page of the sports section in the Journal World.

So go Hawks beat the Cats and hopefully the BB team will be able to reprive themselves.


Malathionman said...

Thoughts and prayers, of course!

Just don't be asking for divine help for the Jayhawks. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Sue,
You want prayers, you got it, and hang in there , I havent forgotent you,
Hugass Lisa

lisa said...

Wish I could spell, but you know my down fall

Christine said...

Lay your loving hands of healing upon the baby girl that DQ is carrying. May your will be done in each of their lives, Lord. May DQ have your strength to lean on in this time of need, Lord. Lord, please bless Sue and Dweeb and Blondie as well as they deal with yet another episode in the saga.


SherrySherry said...

Hey Sue, how are you doing? I do hope that the state of Kansas has gotten over the butt whooping:) The season has just begun so your Jayhawks will bounce back.
I will keep DQ in my prayers....I often think about her even though I don't know her personally. Please stay strong.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. Hugs.

Canadian said...

lavendermoon here...

I pray that everything works itself out for your family. I will also pray for you, strength.

take care.

Christine said...

I was wondering if you had any more info on the baby. Hope all is well.


BluJewel said...

"i lift up DQ's daughter in prayer for health and well-being and further prayer for her to be strengthened and comforted by Your infinite love. In the name of Jesus may this prayer be received. Amen."

I wish you and your family well.